Another Quotable Day in LoLa-Land

I seemed to have a multitude of interesting and very deep conversations today. Here are some highlights from a few conversations. These quotes were mostly said to me and a few were by me.

“Common sense just isn’t that common anymore” she said

“You need to accept the love and gifts that are being bestowed on you with joy and thankfulness. All any of us want from you in return is to be in good health and survive! Don’t feel any shame or guilt in your current situation. We have no resentment or blame against you! We love you!” I said

“You just want us at the party so you can molest my wife again?” He said

“I want another one of those amazing kissss.” He said
“That kiss was just a little peck, it was nothing” I replied
“Well I want some more nothing”, he answered.

“Should I invite my Ex to the family dinner tonight” she asked
“Will your mother be there?” I asked
“Yes” she replied
“What are your moms thoughts on your ex getting arrested while the kids were with him” I asked?
“Yeah maybe I shouldn’t invite my ex!” She decided

“I am just more attracted to skinnier woman than you” he said
“Then why did you keep asking me out” I responded
“Your sexy as hell” he replied “and …. Well, I love the way you kiss”
“Well then kiss me goodbye, because there are men who love woman with my curves and I’d rather be alone, waiting for that, then be with someone who isn’t attracted to me, but loves the way I kiss” I said

“You can get into the vagina, but if you really want love and commitment from me, you need to find your way into my heart first” she said

“Is this the portion when you start running? Are you…. Running?” I asked.


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