Hotel 911

This one goes out to one of my oldest and dearest BFF’s who is STILL in the hospital. Today marks her 43 straight day in one building, without leaving. 

She’s found her own “hotel California”
But it’s right in her own backyard
Who knew they had a “hotel Tampa”
Who knew leaving would be so hard?

She walked in the hotel looking a little yellow
20 cat-scans later and The Dr. is still confused
She can’t find comfort in a bed made of pillows
As every side of her is being punctured by tubes

When will this nonsense end finally
When will she be able to leave
When will the Dr admit his culpability
That it’s his fault she’s there past day 40

The “hotel California” is such a lovely place
While your Drinking pink champagne on ice
The “hotel Tampa” is horrible in this case
She feels she’ll be lucky to escape with her life

What started off as all routine
Has turned her into a pincushion
I’m not trying to be mean
I’m annoyed at the Dr’s confusion

She’s missed thanksgiving laying in the ICU
She ignored her birthday drugged in the east wing
Christmas at home would be a dream come true
But, nothing changes because no one knows anything

It’s been so long since she driven a car
Been able to shower or wash her hair
When’s the last time she got to look at the stars
She’s not ok with this hotels level of care

We keep looking for some end in sight
As she is poked and prodded all day
No sleep for her as they check her vitals all night
She asks when she can leave and they won’t say

She’s gained and lost over 50lbs during her stay
Not because of the crap food they keep giving her
If I was a religious person this is when I would pray
As the future of my friends life is still unclear

It’s time for her to check out of this nasty place
They can stick their needles where the sun don’t shine
It’s time to demand answers and get in their face
We just need to hear the Dr say that, “she will be fine”!


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