Do You Ever Feel Like…?

Start the first line of each verse with Do You Ever Feel Like….?

Yours is the only black car surrounded by white?
Darkening space, like a broken bulb in a world of lights?

You are the only high person when everyone else is drunk?
Everyone reaks of sweetness while you just smell of skunk

You’re the only Ginger at a party filled with bleached blonds?
And they all end up clicking together in some sort of peroxide bond?

You’re the only sane person surrounded by idiots?
“I thought Good day! Was easy, but sure I’ll explain it”

You’re always the only woman hanging outside with the men?
You don’t care, you just get along better with them.

You have the only brown eyes, while everybody else has blue?
We will still see thing differently, despite our shapes or hues

You’re the only one going left when everyone else goes right?
You won’t be foolish enough to sit in traffic all night

You are the only one swimming upstream as everyone else floats down?
Working against the current, wishing your feet could touch the ground?

You’re the only happy person in a crowd of angry people?
Complaining under their breaths, making them sound feeble

Every ones in a black and white and you’ve been color enhanced ?
Would you be a star on “fantasy island” if you had the chance?

You are the only one that can hear the bells ringing?
Let’s accept our oddities and realize we’re just humans being.


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