Don’t Judge The Book….

I was asked out yesterday by a man I met on Boxing Day. He is not my normal type of guy. I am usually scared of these type of burley men. He’s I guess what you would call a “biker”. He has so many tattoos you can’t see any normal skin, he wears skull rings and has four Harley’s. He’s a big guy with huge arms (which is nice) and unlike most of his buddies he has short hair. Normally I get very intimidated by these types of men and stay clear of them, but after hanging with him with my family for several hours, I was very comfortable with him. 

We didn’t know what we wanted to do exactly so I just started off by meeting him at his place. I showed up and sat down on his huge living room couch and instantly his little dog, Paco  (who looked like a mix between and Weiner dog and a Chihuahua) came up to me, climbed onto my lap and got all warm under my arm and next to my tummy. He was to cute and I didn’t mind because it was freezing out and he was warming my belly up quickly. 

He stayed like that nestled in my lap for about Five minutes while my date and I discussed what to go do. When he suddenly started shivering? Which I felt was odd because we were both super warm together.  Then Paco just started shivering more and I was like “what the fuck” and looked at the Poco and saw his eyes were rolled back into his head. I turned to my date and said, “I think your dog is having a seizure!”  

He said, ” SHIT! Again! This happens like every 10 days but he ate chocolate this morning so I wasn’t sure what would happen”. 

He took the dog from me and sat down next to me on the couch and held Paco with such care and love, It was very enduring.  Paco started his seizure at roughly 2:45 and was still seizing at 3:30!  My date asked me if we could stay until the seizure was over and I of course had no complaints about that. But, then this poor dog started foaming at the mouth and then puking.  The poor dog puked five different times. Each time he puked all over my date. 

Twice my data had to give Poor Poco the Seizing dog back to me to hold onto, so he could go change into yet another pair of jeans. He puked up a bunch of chocolate and probably his body weight in fluids. I ended up staying until 5:30 at my dates house. I was there for about three hours and poor Paco was having a seizure  for 2.5 of those hours.   

For 2.5 hours I watched this big biker dude love and care for this little sweet vulnerable dog. He held him like a baby and spoke sweetly to him whenever Poco started shaking really bad.  I on the other hand was up running  around grabbing paper towels and trash bags and was helping him clean every time poor Poco erupted.  I was even a wimp at one point and started dry heaving from helping clean up the slimy chocolate vomit, I felt like a rookie!

The entire date was so weird and random. I had never been to his house before and yet when I left I had basically been through his entire kitchen looking for cleanup supplies and probably saw most of this mans jeans. LoL I learned something from it all. That is Not to judge a book by its cover.  If I had not been comfortable around this man I would never have agreed to going out with him. I would have assumed that he was too aggressive or mean for me based on his large frame, biker status and multiple tatts. How wrong I would’ve been to, as he showed me in the way that he cared for his dog, that he is full of love and sweetness. Poco’s seizure stopped right before I left, thank god! I gave them both hugs upon my departure and thanked my date for a lovely time.  

Just another random date in LoLa-Land


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