Maintenance Man 

The other night a “friend” of mine came over to hang.  I have started refering to this man as maintenance! Neither of us usually ever see Each other unless we are feeing pretty randy (horny). Which for me seems to be…. Always. So basically, he takes care of me when I’m having a maintenance issue. 

So, Maintenance man came over and after a few hours of catching up we decided to do some dancing. I put the 50’s and 60’s station on my Pandora and The Jitterbug song was on. So, we grab ahold of one another and start to try and Jitterbug. Both of us are 70’s babies and neither of us have ever Jitterbugged before; so, it was quite comical. But, we laughed so hard and we were  giggling like school kids. 

Of course then we stared making out. Which I always thoroughly enjoy doing with him and one thing lead to another or as they would say in Seinfeld “yadda, yadda, yadda”. When everything was said and done,  I was quite content, spent, ready for a glass of wine and a pillow. 

However, maintenance seemed to have other plans. Some how the tables had turned and he wanted more of me then I did of him ( crazy parallel universe we must have been in). He started towards me and I moaned. “No baby no more. I can’t take anymore” 

He just moaned right back  and crawled towards me on the bed. I could see the look in his eye and I knew how sore I already was, so I quickly jumped off the bed. He leaped suddenly to grab me and I quickly jumped back, squealing extreamly loud.  Then he slid off the side of the bed to grab my feet and like a ninja 😉 I diverted around the foot of the bed.  When I turned around to see where he was and what move I needed to take next, he was gone! The bedroom door was still closed, but he was gone.? 

Now mind you, we are both butt naked! And as we started jumping and running about, our 40 something year old body parts, were just, ALL kinds of hanging out. (Basically there was a undercurrent of comic relief happening under all of the sexual excitement). 

I needed to find Maintenance, he was starting to freak me out, my heart was racing! I was excited, scared and invigorated at the same time.  I slowly Crept up onto the side of my bed and looked over the side to see if he was hiding on the floor.  (I know it’s stupid).  As i was doing it I was chastising myself, “Hello LoLa! Your like one of those stupid blondes in a horror movie who runs up the stairs instead of out the front door!” )

My heart was racing out of my chest. I quickly looked, fully expecting him to be there and pounce,  but he wasn’t there?! My heart went back to normal and my breathing slowed and just as I was about to relaxe and think he left the room, I saw his feet.  He was on the ground at the foot of the bed, creeping on his elbows to the side of the bed I was just on. I let outa completely organic squeal (God knows why ? I just freaked out), which alerted him to my presence over him and he jumped up damn quick. 

I sceamed and jumped off the bed. But, of course, being me, my foot got stuck in the disheveled blanket and I fell to the ground. As I started to turn and crawl out of my perdicument,  Maintence man was right behind me. Apparently he was closer than I realized, because I quickly turned to see where he was and my ass almost ripped his nose off, while at the same time, practically throwing his face into the carpet. 

Suddenly, all I knew was he was moaning in pain and laughing His ass off; as he rolled around on the floor holding his nose. 

Looking at him confused, I said, “what exactly just happened here?”

He was still laughing, he said,  “your ass almost broke my nose!” 

We just laid in naked heaps on the floor laughing for awhile, then I finally got my wine. I guess I can ignore the ” Buns Of steel” video for awhile; I think I got that covered.

Just another comical Night in LoLa-Land 


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