I have been a StateFarm customer for damn near 18 years now and I have never had to do it. But, the other day I was in need of some assistance. So I did it, I sang, “like a god neighbor… StateFarm is there” and that bitch StateFarm representative never showed up. So, I sang it again, “like a good neighbor StateFarm is there” and again nothing. 

I don’t understand! Every time Someone sings that jingle on TV the persons StateFarm  rep shows up to assist them. Where the hell was my StateFarm chick? 18 years of my money and this is how she repays me! I was pissed! (Not really but it makes things funnier). 

I went out the next day and found a new StateFarm  representative.  (Luckily for me he is a very cute man) During our introductory meeting he looked at my files and said, “LoLa can I ask you something?”

“Of course” I responded

“Why after 18 years are you choosing to leave your StateFarm Broker?” He asked.

So I was completely honest with him and told him the truth. “I called her and she never showed up?”

“Really? She never returned your call? Did you have a claim you needed help with?” He asked almost horrified at her lack of service. 

“Pretty much! I was in my living room and I called for her.  I sang your jingle and everything, “like a good neighbor StateFarm is there” and that bitch never showed up.  So, I left her. You had better damn well show up when I sing for you or I will be leaving you too!” I declared 

My new broker looked at me a bit shocked and then without even cracking a smile replied, “I will be sure to give you a blowhorn so I can make sure to hear you” then he winked at me and said, “I would definitely show up!”  (Mmmm I thinks he’s flirting with me?)

I laughed at his response to my idiodic demand and so did he. I then asked him if he wanted to go to lunch with me (Even though I had food in my car), and he said “yes” very quickly.  Already I’m digging this StateFarms response time better then the last. 

Just another flirty meeting in LoLa-Land 


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