The Season of Unrest

This is the season of 12 hour days
Very little sleep with stressful dreams
Daily I feel like I may loose my way
Like I’m without a paddle going up the stream

This is the month when the “fit hits the Shan!”
Where I discover any little stupid mistakes I’ve made
I will usually want to Bury my head in the sand
Until my clients disappointed in me starts to fade

This is when everything we do all year is due
All the anticipation and anxiety has led to this
Sometimes I have to tell my clients “your doomed”
A year where no ones in “The Red” is my wish

I must prepare the 1099’s, w2’s and payroll taxes
Correct and errors on the P&L and Balance Sheet
I must do this all by their due dates or it’s our asses
When everything reconciles it’s a wonderful treat

All my friends start to wonder where I’m at
My mom will start calling me to make sure I’m alive
I’m just Buried under reports and stats
It’s to monotonous to even try to describe

I will forage on somehow until I see some end in sight
I will not rest or play until all work is completed
I will make sure that the books are put to bed right
One things for sure, when I’m done I’ll be depleted. 

This is the season that I have no life!


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