The Attack 

I’m going to just lie here and take it
While I pray my pain threshold is limitless
No sense in fighting back in any little bit
His strength has me rendered defenseless

He came out of no where
His knife on my neck was cold
The warmth of my blood was my fear
So I did exactly what I was told

My body became someone else’s tonight
As he cut my clothes from my skin
If I didn’t fear for my life I would fight
Numbness invaded me as I waited for the pain to begin

“God let me escape this in one piece”
Was all that I could think
As his fumbling hands began to seize
Scared my womb began to shrink

I drifted off to my childhood bliss
I laid next to my mom, my head nestled on her breast
Stabbing pains brought me  back to Conscience
And the smell of his alcohol sweet breath

The hard ground scratching into my shirt
As my attacker took what he needed from me
Shoving my face into the cold wet dirt
I tried to seperate my soul from my body

I Tried to float above myself just to escape the pain
As he tore into the core of me shredding me in two
I hoped he would finish soon and leave me in the rain
Because Killing me was all he had left to do 

“Twinkle twinkle little star” plays in my head
Humming I turned into that vulnerable girl again
I wondered in a moment if I was dead
As I realize that the attack has come to an end

Cold from my tattered clothes hanging off me
Dirty with sweat, cum and tears
I gathered my wits and thanked God I was free
I guess to grow we must all realize our fears


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