Smell This!!

I’ve slipped off the dating sites in hope of meeting a decent man the good old Fashon way, by just meeting them.  And that’s been working out ok for me and In a much more tolerable rate.  I don’t feel bombarded with come-ons on a daily bases.  With that said I wonder if because I’m not getting as much attention, if Im subconsciencely getting desperate. Maybe I’ve lowered my standards, and don’t realize it, but I don’t think so?  I don’t know? All I know is that lately my dates have seemed kind of pompous? They’ve been a little better looking then men I’ve dated in the past, so, maybe they just know it? 

Last night the sexy Insurance guy showed up for our second date all sweaty from working out at the gym.  I was turned on by his large muscles, so part of me didn’t mind. But, the other part of me was irritated he couldn’t shower and change his clothes before he left the gym? (I showered and shaved for him). When he walked in I gave him a hug and I could feel dampness from his sweat seep onto my clothes as I was pressed up against him. I instantly pulled away and said, “eewwwww”.  

“Of sorry” he said. And starts to take off his shirt.  Again this is our second date and I’m not sure we are necessarily at the “strip down to your undies” part of dating yet. But, I just watched with surprise and idol curiosity.  I couldn’t help thinking, “ok sexy ! How far you going to go with your unrobing? take it all off! let’s see those pecks!”  Of course I was thinking all of that! However, what I said to him was, “mmm do you need a towel, tshirt or something? There’s a bathroom right around that corner if you need some privacy?” (So, I’m wondering, is he uncomfortable at all or is he showing off right now? Was this all part of the ploy to some how show me his body?) 

“No I’m fine” he stated as he continued to take his third layer of shirt off only to reveal a white-beater tank top. I was a bit horrified to see it for several reasons.  One because, come on, it’s a wife-beater tank top! I haven’t seen one of those on a man (unless he’s over 60 or living in the hood) since the early 90’s (thank god).  Two because it was  soaked through with sweat and almost clear as it clung to every part of his belly and chest. Which only made me to aware of the beer gut And love handles he had well hidden before.  (I think he thought this was a look that would in some way turn me on).  The final scary sight was because of his long black chest hairs that covered his body were now clinging to the underside of this mans now clear, wet, smelly wife-beater and it looked like he had little worms crawling around under his shirt as their meshed fibers blended in with the fabric causing each hair to appear larger in size.  (My first instinct was to start smacking his chest to kill whatever insect was crawling all over him before I realized it was all hair). 

Now don’t get me wrong here people. I didn’t mind the small gut or love handles. And if it’s not to long and or to scratchy, I actually like chest hair.  There was nothing this man was showing me that was repulsing me; but, the fact that he felt the need to do it on our second date, in my living room, while dripping sweat just grossed me out.  

He then takes the wife-beater off and drapes it over my kitchen chair. Looking at just his chest, arms and shoulders was a turn on.  As much as I enjoyed the site of his skin and wanted to feel for myself if his hair was soft or not. Or have him wrap those big strong arms around me. Upon walking in the door of a second date was just not the right time.  Thankfully he put his other shirts back on and we left for dinner.  

Dinner was nice and he was somewhat good at maintaining a conversation;?however, he seemed more interested in the game on TV then talking to me. He also seemed to really love himself as he asked me once if I wanted to feel is arms while he flexed and then pretty much demanded I do it because, “There the biggest right now because I just worked out”!  (I’m not going to lie, They felt good, but I would have rather found out on my own later. Then to be told to touch them). 

After dinner he dropped me off at home and gave me a lovely kiss good night. Just as he was leaving I saw his tank on my chair and said, “don’t forget your wife-beater”. 

He grabbed it off the chair and said, “here smell it!”

Laughing from his silliness I said, “haha no that’s ok I’m good.” Still cracking up.

“No I’m serious! Smell it!” He demands as he starts to shove the (still wet with sweat) tank top in my face! “SMELL IT!” He demands again.  As at the same time I’m thrusting my body backwards to get away from nasty article of clothing. 

” I don’t want to smell it! It’s gonna smell like sweat!” I declare (ok gross leave me alone now!)

“NO! You have to smell it! My sweat smells gooood!” He protests still.

I have now backed all the way into one wall and he has me in a corner and is still holding the tank top Infront of my face, “SMELL IT!” He yells. 

“OH MY GOD! OK!” I say disgustingly as I lean in for a big fake wiff of this mans sweat. The entire time he’s watching my face for what he must think will be my surprised reaction. 

“Smell that, nice huh? I smell even better when I sweat! It’s sweet huh? Here.  Here, take it!” He demands again.  As he hands me the supposed sweet smelling tank. 

“Do you want me to wash it or something?” I ask. (At this point I’m just irritated and want this man and his supposed great sweat to leave)

“No beautiful! You can sleep in it and smell me all night!” He replied and then winked at me and left. 

Just another sweet or sweaty date in LoLa-land. But, today I got a new cleaning rag! 


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