Here’s To Hoping 


final sunset 2015


Every year on New Year’s Eve I sit on my beach (no I don’t own it, but it’s mine 😉) in front of the ocean that I adore and I always watch the final sunset of the year.  Right before the sun touches the horizon    and the water goes opalescent,  I start to feel all this hope and excitement for the next year.   I feel nothing but promise, a promise for something wonderful or exciting to happen.  A promise for boundless joy and happiness. And yet the last two years I have been faced with opposition to me obtaining these hopes and dreams, On damn near the first day! 

Last year it started late New Years Eve and carried forward into the new year. When one of my best friends decided to stop speaking to me based on something someone else did. Last year started with the death of a close friendship. This year started with news that my ex had lied to me and had been unfaithful. The only saving grace in this years direct hit, is knowing that I am not still with the asshole. 

I’m hoping that my years tend to start off bad and then work there way up. Because it was towards the end of last year that I got to go to Italy, last year ended on a great note! But honestly, if it got much worse then this, I would probably  be dealing with a death or something equally tragic.  

My friends keep saying, “LoLa It’s in the past. You have to just let it go and move on”.

Then to my own my defense, I say,  “I’m going to be fine! But, am I not allowed to admit to myself and others, that it fucking hurts to know he did that?! Can I not just feel this deception for a minute, before I blow it off like, ‘well… It figures!'”?

I’m going to raise my chin up soon.  It’s slowly been picking up with each passing day.  My heart? My heart is a different story. Because, this years news has opened a new wound in my heart.  I have to let it do some healing before I can get my entire glow back. But, my angels  know I am trying. Hopefully I’m right! Hopefully my years start off horrible so that they can just get better.  

And here’s hoping to things getting better in LoLa-Land


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