Eastern or Western

The doctors want to cut into me again, and again I’m faced with the decision of going with Western medicine or Eastern medicine. The fact that the doctors want to slice me open is just not an idea I am super fond of.  So what’s a girl to do especially when I’ve experienced the attributes of Eastern medicine’s abilities and know that they’re effective?

With each new problem that my body faces in my middle age I wonder if my favorite treatment of acupuncture, meditation and positive thought will get me through it?  What if I had cancer? Which road would I take then? For me in that case I would probably do both forms. Attack whatever’s attacking me, try to kill it before it kills me. But, this is not the same case.

In my current situation I am willing to give the eastern medicine a shot before I do what the western wants to do.  Yes! I would rather be poked with needles 100’s of times, on multiple days, then to be sliced open once just to have something removed.  In my Western Medicines doctors own words, ” the next step is to go in a cut them out but because of their sensitive locations you will be vulnerable to more infection” (No thank you!). My acupuncturist said, “since the problems been going on for awhile you may need to come in for a follow up visit” and then left me with about 50 needles in my legs to sleep (and boy did I). 

Which one sounds better to you? Are you willing to go outside of your box to try a different remedy? Which box is yours? Are you more comfortable with the western box or the Eastern box?  Is being sliced open with a knife or radiated, far less scary to you then a bunch of little needles sticking out of you at one time?


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