Pickled Weekend

This was another full throttled extravaganza weekend here in LoLa-Land.  Usually this time of the year I don’t make time for such fun weekends because I don’t have the time. But, that is just how the cookie crumbled this year. Since, I suffer from “FOMO” I couldn’t say no to any of the amazing opportunities that presented me! (FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out).  

Friday night was a blast from the past when I was able to reunite with four of my Old Bunko mates and go bowling.   We found that we bowl much like we Bunko.  The woman who took playing Bunko seriously, were serious about bowling. The woman who just came to Bunko to escape their families,  smoke and drink; did the exact same thing at Bowling. Or they were bitching because they couldn’t smoke and drink.  We did drink while we bowled and then we went to the neighborhood Applebee’s for more drinks and a very late (if not early) incredibly nasty dinner.  I got home feeling very thankful for my night.  it was so great to spend such a fun time with old friends (some I’ve known since I was 13). 

Saturday I did chores and worked, then prepared for the wine “Mystery dinner in the caves”. Originally I presented the idea of going to one friend and it quickly became myself and 7 of my newest friends (two of which were having birthdays). We had a lovely night trying to solve a murder, while questioning actors dressed to fit a part, all while in a cave, consuming copious amounts of wine and delicious food. 

We all had an absolute blast and I think we would all go again. Of course the Tasty wine definitely obstructed my normal very quick deduction and reasoning skills. You know the ones,  that allow you to usually figure out who the killer  is right away. This night…. I was just a hot clueless mess! 


 Sunday morning I went with three of the friends I was with night before, to a nearby winery that I adore and enjoyed  a special wine tasting from all of their reserve selections.  Luckily for all of us it wasn’t raining and we were able to enjoy the majestic surroundings in all its glory. It was a lovely Sunday. It was nice  spending a few hours getting to know these new friend better. Even better was doing it while pickling my liver even more. 

As I sat their basking in the sun, sampling $100 bottles of fermented juice, taking in the flower gardens, rolling vineyards and marsh lands, for free, I was reminded yet again, just how blessed I am.  I may not have the most extravagant life.   I don’t own coach purses or were Louis Vuitton shoes, but I do seem to have a number of amazing experiences That I enjoy. I am thankful for all the wonderful times I had this weekend and I love that my life allows me those opportunities.  I know I will have many more to come!

Just another thankful- pickled weekend In LoLa-Land 


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