You’re 0 to 60, I’m 0 to 2

Recently, Sexy fireman came to visit me and take me out to dinner. I hadn’t seen him in awhile but as usual the man was looking fine as all get out! I just think he is so handsome. I love his amazing smile with his sparkling  white teeth and big yummy lips.  Even more so I love his body! He’s huge! His hand can span and grip a basketball.  He’s  6’5 and like 290lbs of muscle! He can carry me around….well, haha, yeah, he’s a fireman.  Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is I find him very appealing to my eye and my hands (ok I’m giggling to myself right now). Yet, every time I see him I have a very hard time ajustng to him at first. 

Apparently, he finds my looks just as appealing to him, as I do his.  Because he tells me whenever he lays his eyes on me how beautiful I am and how good I look.  The man is obsessed with my ass, it’s almost funny.  He loses all focus if he sees it.  He will be in the middle of a scentence and if I walk by he stops taking just to stare at me (I love it,  Hee hee hee).  So, as soon as I see him, he’s usually got a hold of me right away. He will walk in the door, swoop me up and not put me down. So this time I had to say to him, “SF you need to stop clutching on me and let me go, so we can talk”  

“Oh sorry, can’t we talk like this?” He asks while he still has me in a bear hug, “you know how much I love that body of yours. That one dude who didn’t like your body was stupid, but his stupidity is my gain! Cause…. Damn girl! And I don’t know how anyone could ever cheat on that fine ass of yours! I would never let it go!” he replied as he kissed my forhead sweetly.

He’s so sweet, He always makes me feel so good about myself because he likes my form so much, just the way it is. We always talk openly about our lives and the people we spend time with, it’s nice to know he listens and thinks other men I have met and rejected me are fools.  But, even with all of his compliments, I am always taken back by his aggressiveness and instant touching. I told him, “you walk in and go from 0 to 60”. 

“Huh what do you mean?” He asks as he’s got one of those huge hands spanning one of my butt cheeks.

“You walk in and your just this big dude, which is intimidating and you instantly grab me up and start touching me. You go from 0 to 60, I’m like 0 to 2.  I love seeing you, but I need some time with you before I start wanting to touch you or have you touch me. I need to warm up. I need to get a feel for your energy again and talk to you a spell.” (SF is from the south so when I’m with him my nana who was raised in the south comes out.)  

“Oh” he says as he lets me loose “sorry JB I just want to touch you as soon as I see you” he replies. 

We sat on the couch for awhile and jaw-jacked, then we went to dinner. Like I said he is from the south and his mama taught him well. He opens all my doors for me and even gets mad when I try to open one. It’s as if my hands should never have to be bothered with such remedial tasks, It’s kind of nice.  We had a lovely night and by the time dinner was done and we were heading home, I was all warmed up to 60. Because unlike men with woman, forplay starts with being treated like a lady and with respect. The entire evening reminded me of a post I wrote years ago and how my thoughts are still the same. Check it out Are you Visual?

It was Another fun night with SF in LoLa-Land. 


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