Little Moments

All night I’ve been deep in thoughts. I did not have a good end to my great day. Which has led me to tears a few times, anger a few times and disappointment in myself. All in all, I’ve just been in a really crappy mood.  I’ve wanted to write because it makes me feel better but I didn’t want to spew a bunch of negativity all over everyone. Then I remembered something cool that happened to me today.

I was taking one of my two walks of the day during work.  Every time I walk, I always head in the same direction. Which is away from traffic and over the bridge.  The bridge allows me to see one special little treasure most people drive by and never see, the creek. 


When we first moved to the new offices it was early summer and the creek was dry and still,  but the trees and brush around it were alive and well. The stream was quiet then because it hardly flowed. You could see straight down to the earth below it. I would stand on the bridge and wish I could turn into a bird and swoop above the creek for its entirety. I would close my eyes and try to imagine what it must look like through out this town it flowed in. 

Then fall came and it just got drier and the summer plants went dormant leaving just the evergreens to provide shade to all the little tadpoles. Then winter came and with it, the rains. And after a weekend of rain I came back to my beloved spot to find my quiet creek was not so quiet anymore.  Then we had another storm and the creek almost seemed a bit scary. 

The pebbles at the bottom were gone. Half the trees were gone. It was scary loud. I was awestruck by how wide it was suddenly. I wondered if someone fell in, if they would survive. It didn’t look pleasant at all. Yet, it still made me so happy to see it so full. Our state has been so dry and to have it rain like this just brings me joy. 

Then today (finally! Your thinking, finally she gets to today) I walked my regular route and went straight to the bridge to see what majestic wonder the creek would bestow on me today.  I must say the creek, truly did not disappoint. As, the very first thing I saw on the little island of the now dry again, creek bed, was a Doe. 


She heard me walking and was already looking at me when I noticed her. We stood there for maybe 2 minutes staring at one another.  Then I couldn’t help myself I gave her a big smile and started to cross the Bridge to get a better look and she spooked. But, until then it was a sweet moment we were having. I wished I could go down to the creek and frolic with her but instead I had to go back to sitting behind a computer. 

I’m thankful for the little moments today


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