You were lucky you got me at all
Don’t think your so impressive
Your someone I wouldn’t normally call
I was surprised I was even receptive

What is with the attitude that you are just “all that”
Is acting like your superior then most your intention
Always having to one up me in some “tit for tat”
It’s a conversation we’re having not a competition

Why do you think your time is more important than mine
It’s like you think you’re better than me
Do you think your a King and we are all to revel at your shrine
We are equal and deserve the same courtesy

Do you honestly think I am here to cater to you
Like some meek minded woman with no self esteem
Do you think I’m stupid or have no clue
Your not as amazing as you think you seem

You need to come down a few notches dear
Realize that you’re not the only person that exists
The fact that you’re just a narcissist is pretty clear
You’re probably going to be surprised by my exit


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Coloring Project – The Frog


2010 Summer Reading List

Sookie Stackhouse, the complete stories A touch of Dead
Finger Prints & Facelifts
His First Wife, Gracce Octavia
The promise of happiness, Justin Cratwright
Silk & Shadows
The Honey Thief
The marriage
Ya ya Sisterhood book # 3
The Other Boleyn Girl
Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher
3 book flower series by Nora Roberts
The Kept woman
Twlight book # 4
twlight book #3

Coloring Project – The Swan