The Drawer

Now I’ve told you all that I don’t like to cook right? I can cook and I am not affraid to add seasonings to things, but I despise the kitchen and any other 50’s based female responsibilities. I have a sign in my kitchen that says, “I kiss better than I cook!” And it’s true. When ever I’m in the kitchen it seems like some sort of mishap happens and I think that’s because I spend so little time in there that I’m not comfortable. 

Well one of My girlfriends came over the other night and she just purchased her very own house (I’m so proud of her). At one point during her visit, I was standing in the kitchen and she was sitting on one of my bar stool, facing me. She says to me, ” oh you have an electric range. I had electric in my condo.  Now I have a gas oven” 

I look at my stove and think back to my gas range. “I’ve always had gas ovens in my life. This is my first electric oven and I’m still not sure about it.” (As I thought to myself I really don’t care either. The oven is so insignificant in my life) 

“Yeah I like the gas but it’s warping my cookie sheets that I keep in the drawer below it” she continues, “with the electric oven I was able to use the drawer without any issues but now they’re all jacked up! It sucks!” 

I just looked at her with this really weird look for a minute or so. As I tried to figure out what she was talking about. I looked down at my stove front and said to my friend, “there’s a drawer?”

“What?” She asks me confused. 

“There’s a drawer?” I ask again. As I bent down and pulled on what I thought was the facade to my broiler. It easily slid forward to reveal a big deap drawer with a small muffin sheet in it. 

“Hey! I have a drawer!” I excitedly exclaimed ! (As I’m thinking to myself “HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT!”)

“Oh my god LoLa! How long have you lived here?” she asks me.  As she is now cracking up at my new found discovery. 

“Three years” I answer sheepishly. Then excitedly I ask,  “Is that my muffin pan?” (As if she’s going to know) and she just laughs harder. 

“You didn’t know you had a drawer there and you’ve lived her for 3 YEARS!” She says cracking up. 

“Read the sign girl! It’s true! I kiss better then I cook” I replied with a big smile. ” I have literally been storing everything in my oven” I said, as I throw open my oven door to reveal a stack of fry pans.  Which I quickly swooped up and was able to fit all of them in the new found drawer. Thereby leaving my oven to be just that, an oven and not a storage facility. 

“Seriously though, is that my muffin pan?” I ask again as my friend just kept laughing.  ( I don’t remember the muffin pan at all and wondered to myself “maybe my ex put it in there when he helped me move in?”)

Then I realized something else and said to her,”You know I’m going to go to cook next time (like in a week or two) and I’m gonna be freaking out because all my fry pans are going to be gone!” 

She just kept on laughing and shaking her head. 

Just another cooking lesson in LoLa-Land


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