Girlfriend When It Works For You

I went on a date recently with one of my sailing buddies. We’ve always been more friends then anything else because he will just dissapear for weeks on end and as a girlfriend I would never tolerate that. We’ve kissed a few times and I really enjoyed those moments with him but it’s always sort of stopped there. I was excited to see him again because it’s been awhile since we had hung out. But, something happened while we were out sailing and I thought it was very interesting. 

We hadn’t left the port yet and we were getting the boat ready to shove off, when a man came up on his Jetski and started asking my friend questions about the boat. I had been below deck making sure all the cupboards and drawers were shut tight before we left. I came up to the deck when I was done. When the man saw me he started directing questions towards me and just talking to me. He seemed to be flirting a bit. When suddenly my friend interrupts and says, “Darin this is my Girlfriend LoLa”. I was taken back by this introduction (Girlfriend? When did that happen?) but I didn’t say anything.  I just shook the mans hand and he instantly stopped flirting with me and left shortly there after. 

After an hour or so, we were finally at a nice resting point and decided to float about for some time and then turn around when we were ready to go back. At some point, another sailboat very slowly drifted by. Instantly my friend struck up a friendly conversation with the beautiful woman on board and her friend and introduced himself then turned to me and said, “this is my friend LoLa”.  I almost started laughing, (really did I somehow get demoted on our cruise?)  funny how with the cute guy I was his “girlfriend” but with the cute girl, I’m just his “friend”.  Again I said nothing just gave them a wave and a loud “hello” as they were already passing us. 

It also didn’t go unnoticed that my friend was being very cool until a big boat of guys cruised by. He chose that exact moment to swoop me up in a big romantic kiss. Again,  I said nothing because I was rather enjoying the kiss and getting a kick out of obviousness. 

As we motored back to port, we sat all snuggled against each other after kissing for a spell. We were also both freezing; because, we had watched the sunset and  now the temperature was dropping quickly. 

I said to him, “so what am I to you?” 

“Your my friend, I like to make out with” he replied

“Oh? Because you introduced me to Darin as your girlfriend and I was surprised by that” I kept questioning?

“Oh well yeah… I meant like girl who’s a friend. You know what I meant?” He implored?.

I could tell he was uncomfortable and I didn’t want to push it. We both knew the truth and I wasn’t going to let it destroy a beautiful and somewhat romantic evening. 

“Yeah I think I know what your saying” I replied.  I wasn’t comfortable being called his girlfriend, so his answer sufficed.  I didn’t need anything more from him then the wonderful moments we shared from time to time. As it is, That was one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen and one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever had watching one. Out there on the blue water, wind whisteling around us, on a sailboat with this boy- friend of mine.  

Just another interesting date in LoLa-Land 


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