The Bees Knees

I’m sitting at work yesterday and my client comes in to sign his checks for me. Now I have dozens of clients and 90% of them are men. The ratio of men has never been an issue because I get along better with men then I do woman; but, I think this man is just the bees knees! He is probably one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen and the fact that he thinks he can’t live without my expertise, in my eyes puts me in a very sweet position with him.  

Now my coworkers have grown accustomed to notifying me when he’s coming. I will usually hear, “LoLa fluff your hair!” From my assistant and that’s when I know he is about to walk in the door. Well yesterday, there was no warning and I didn’t even bother to respond to the mans, “hello” after he came in the door.  I figured it was a vendor and I chose never to deal with the vendors. 

I heard my coworker come rushing out from her office just as I turned to see that it was the “bees knees” himself standing there. 

She says, “oh! I thought you were my guy (referring to her client), but your not! You’re her man” and then they both look at me. ( Can I just tell how silly I am. Because hearing “oh your her man” being associated to the “bees knees” just gave me the happiest little spark inside!) I had already rose from my chair and was approaching him when she said that.  So, I replied, “I guess your my man”. And then gave him the sheepish little grin. I didn’t wait for his response, (which im sure he had) instead, I quickly turned my game face on and got to talking about work (while thinking “pull yourself together LoLa! This is your client”.) 

“You hardly have any bills what’s going on?” I ask him. 

“Oh I’ve been putting them all on my credit card. Well except the strippers.” He relies with a huge grin. 

“I’m not even going to reply to that” I responded

 Now let me take you back a week to when I said to him, “wow that was fast”, because I had just emailed him 30 seconds prior to “call me” and he said, “if I had a dollar for every time I heard that!”   

I laughed like a stupid highschool girl and then said, “I’m not touching that!”

 To which right away,  he said, “if I had a dollar for every time I heard that!” And I sat cracking up while he waited for me to regain my composure.

I have learned that the “bees knees” is also quick with the wit and sexual humor, (Have I met my match?) so responding in anyway was almost dangerous….at work. Anywhere else and I would be flinging the  sexual innuendos right back at him.  Hell, I would probably be throwing in a wink or two as well. 

So, back to today. Again, I said, “I’m not going to reply to that”

He smiles and says, “it’s ok LoLa I just like to see you blush”.

Totally shocked I gasp and say, “I’m not blushing!  It takes ALOT to get me to blush!”

“You’re blushing right now” he calmly replies with just the smallest twinkle in the corner of his eye. 

Still standing there with my Mouth agape I look at my coworker who’s catching every word and she says, “you’re totally blushing Lo”

Fuck! Really? Here I thought I was so much cooler than that!  I thought I had my shit dialed in!  I’ve been in the business world now for 20 years! I thought I had my physical responses all nailed down. I thought I knew when I was red with anger or hunched over in defeat. I thought I knew how to recognize these signs in me and change them so no one else noticed.  

Have I been wrong all these years? Have my inner emotional panic moments been obvious to all? Has every man I thought was hot seen me blush? I wasn’t even remotely hot. Damn! I didn’t feel flush at all and normally I can feel it. Maybe it’s just him? Maybe he’s the only one that does this to me? I mean, he is the bees knees!

Just another embarrassing day in LoLa-Land 


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