Lay The Wrong Way

Come on let’s lay in bed together
Why not lay in it in all the wrong ways
We could play in the comforter of feathers
Maybe we could stay in the bed for days

We can start out the correct way
Place our heads on the pillows
We can  drift asleep and start to sway
Like a leaf on a weeping willow

We could lay naked with one another
Let our body heat warm us a bit
Throw off the covers so we can stay pressed together
Turn off the heater we won’t need it

We can maybe kiss for awhile
And laugh at each other’s moves
We could rub each other and get wild
As we adjust to one another’s groove

We could take advantage of the whole bed
We could roll around as one
We could communicate without a word being said
Raise our heart rate to that of a fast run

Why don’t we lay on the bed horizontally
While throwing all the bedding aside
Let’s explore each other thoroughly
Like there’s nothing we care to hide

Let’s do all the things are mother told us not to
We could have fun making a mess
Enjoy any of our noises that may ensue
Like screaming out in happiness

Let’s lay in this bed in all the wrong ways
Let us pretend we are the only people alive
We could act out a scene from a romantic play
like Romeo and Juliet but this time we won’t die

Let us end up with our heads at the foot of the bed
With all of our clothing lost in the sheets
We could stay there until all our desires have been fed
Or we could curl up together and fall asleep 


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