One 15 min drive

Today I had to shoot home on my lunch break to pick something up and in the 15 minute drive, three different things occurred that made me say to myself, “Hmmmmmm????”.  

The first incident was your typical crazy driver.  A white “sexual assault” van was swerving from one side of the road, to the other. Sliding Accross both lanes, damn if anyone else was next to the van or not,(which thankfully we all had sense to stay back). The driver was not looking down like he was texting. By all accounts, from my distance all appeared well within the inside of the van.  Yet, from the outside of the van, it seemed this man felt he owned the entire road, so; why not take advantage of it. It really was just the craziest driving I’ve ever seen! Especially considering it was at 1pm on a Monday. Now if it were 2am Saturday I may understand. 

The second incident was about 5 minutes later, while I waited for a light, I noticed two woman standing on the corner talking.  One was a tall thick framed blond and the other woman was a older and shorter. The tall woman suddenly flipped out a foldable white walking stick and wrapped her arm through her friends. I was happy she had herself a guide as I realized, “she must be blind”.  Then suddenly her friend turned to take a step with her arm still looped in with the tall blondes and I was shocked, when I saw, she herself had a white walking stick. They were infact both blind. I was whitnessing the blind leading the blind, as the two walked arm in arm down the street.  Honestly they maneuvered the sidewalk wonderfully leaving the old expression of, “the blind leading the blind” being some sort of scary situation as antiquated and untrue.  I was quite impressed with both woman. 

The third incident which took place maybe three minutes later was when I was driving up to an intersection but I had a green light, so I was able to keep my same pace as I went through it. Just as I was about to cross over the intersections crosswalk I saw this cute little squirrel jet Accross the street in front of me.  It narrowly cleared five lanes of traffic and at one point I thought for sure he had lost his tail, but, he was fine. I wondered to myself after I saw he was ok, “I wonder if he was one pissed off squirrel!? I mean here he was in the crosswalk and everything! And he still almost had his ass ran over!”  Shit’s just not right man! That’s like animal discrimination.  

It was a very weird 15 minutes in LoLa-Land


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