Sexy at a 16

I was so happy to see a size 16 woman on the cover of sports illustrated. The woman is a stunner and does the cover justice. All I can think is, “it’s about fucking time”.  I am a size 16 at times. some times I am even a smaller size.  And yet, so many people refer to me as fat or heavy. 

I personally feel (which of course this is just my opinion; but, it’s my blog, so your forced to it) that woman with curves are far  more attractive then stick figures.  

The average American woman, is a size 16, not a size 0. Yet, a size zero is what all the other models are. Since birth we have been subjected to advertisements and TV telling us that a size 0 is beautiful and perfect. Which as you can imagine, translates to a size 16 being way to big. I’ve seen my own sister (who was a model) practically starve herself because the talent scouts told her she was to fat, at a size 1. I thought she was so beautiful.   

My sister

She was always so hard on herself because of “the industries” expectations of what she was supposed to look like. Being far younger then her in age, I didn’t understand why she wasn’t perfect just the way she was (the way I saw her), but now I understand. 
Woman have  been made to feel like we should be smaller our entire lives (unless we’re one of those rare birds that are just naturally thin). So to, finally  have someone to look at on magazines, that actually looks a bit like us, someone with curves and some weight on her, is almost like a small miracle. 

I know bigger woman are not every persons idea mate, but I think a few more people (let’s be honest, men) might be a tad bit more open to giving us,  bigger framed woman a chance.  Maybe, after seeing how hot this woman looks, you never know.  

Funny thing is, I had just posted this picture on Facebook a few weeks back. 

  And interestingly enough, she is the same woman who is on the SI cover. I had no idea who she was.  I just knew, that this was one of the sexiest pictures I’ve seen in awhile and I loved the quote. So, to now see her on the SI cover feels like a blessing. It feels good to see someone who’s body is like mine, being promoted as beautiful and sexy.  Sadly, it does helps with my self esteem. (Sad beside I should just know I’m beautiful without having to see an image on a magazine). 

Thank you Sports Illustrated for being able to spot beauty in any size! 


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