I’m Not On Anything! I Swear!

Again today I was asked by my walking buddies, “what are you on”? And again, I respond with, “nothing”! It’s not like I’m offended that they asked.  I myself find my behavior peculiar.  As I was telling them all about my morning and how much I  Had already gotten done, it made me wonder what I was on myself. 😄. All my ladies thought I was on speed.  

It was 9:30am when we all met up at the park to do our walk.  And I had been up since 6am.  In the 3.5 hours I had been awake I had already, done two loads of laundry, stripped and washed the bedding to my bed and my guestbed.  Swept and mopped all my hardwood floors, de-cobwebbed the whole house, made my bed back up, glued a jewelry box back together,  cleaned from top to bottom all of my bathrooms and emptied all the trash cans In the house (oh and I gave the birds food and water). 

No, I did not drink any coffee, caffeinated tea, soda or red bull, I actually don’t like any of those.  I had only consumed water until I got in the car to drive to my friends, then I had a “cutie” nectarine. No I did not take any uppers or any other stimulant or substance.  I was just wide awake and raring to get some shit done. So, I got some shit done!  

Because that’s how I roll when I don’t have a bunch of work looming over my head!!! It’s just another relaxing Saturday in LoLa-Land. 


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