Hard Headed

I had another event in my life that proved to me and others just how hard headed I can be! (Come on now I’m a OX by Chinese standards, I’m a Virgo by astrology standards, I’m part German by genealogy searches and I was raised by a strong minded woman, I wasn’t going to turn out submissive with all that going on. But, in this sense, I’m meaning a little something different. 

Let me start at the beginning. Last night SF came to see me (SF – stands for Sexy Fireman). We were supposed to hang out at Pieday (3-14) but he has to work that day. So, we decided this weekend that we would go to both our favorite place, the beach. I was really excited to see him, as I always am. He is just so damn hot and I love how he makes me feel, like a lady. 

Finally, my doorbell rang and I knew it was him. I ran to open the door I was so excited. I threw open my door and was even more pleased because he looked so fine!  He had on a nice gray wool shirt, matching beanie cap and some sexy ass pilot shades. I actually squealed a bit, 

“SF you look so hot!” I said excitedly as I was opening my screen door to let him in and he could finally see me. 

“Uh Hu JB the same could be said for you! Humf” he growled at me.  I just giggled like a school girl. (No seriously we are so cheesy into each other it’s rediculous).  

He had just put his stuff down and we were standing half in my dining room  and half in my door way still (poor man didn’t even have a chance to sit down yet), when I was suddenly, grabbing at the back of his jacket. I said, “give me some loving” ( this is normally his routine). 

“Oh alright! Alright! Let me get ahold of you now” he replied and he swiftly pulled me into his thigh-size bicep-clad arms and wrapped them both completely around my smaller center. Then quickly he had one of his huge hands grabbing one entire side of my butt (and I’ve got a really big butt), while I as trying to hug him as tight as I could. But, his large frame is to big for my small wingspan. 

“Let me at those amazing lips baby” I asked him as I let go of my hug and reached for his bald head. 

He just grunted again and quickly swooped both his hands under each butt cheeks and quick as lightening just picked me up like I was nothing (it was so fricken romantic and hot). With great speed and ease he just threw me up over his 6’5 frame and was about to kiss me when he first, slammed my head right into the support beam that holds up the center of my house and divides the dining room space from the entry way. It is literally the ONLY spot in my entire home where the ceilings aren’t at least 8feet tall. 

He knew it was happening before I could even register. Because just as my head hit the wood beam he looked up so he could drop me down on his lips for a nice romantic kiss. He already had me back down on the ground and was holding me tight and apologizing before I could even feel the pain. But, then the pain hit and I couldn’t cry or make a sound for a solid minute because  it hurt so bad. Crying or screaming in agony would have just hurt more, (Like with kids and babies when they get hurt. You know if they don’t cry right away it’s either really bad or not bad at all).  Finally, I could cry and then it wouldn’t stop and I felt so childish but I couldn’t stop I Was in so much pain. 

SF felt so bad (maybe not as bad as me). He quickly ushered me to the couch and sat me down. Got me an ice pack and put it on my head (which just the resting of the Pack felt like razor blades being jammed into my head). He got me some Ibuprofen and water and made me  take them.  He apologized left, down and sideways, he felt so horriabke. I wasn’t mad at all, I knew he didn’t mean to hurt me. 

“LoLa I was so excited to see you. You looked so fly when you opened that door. I just wanted to swoop you up into a big romantic kiss. I heard the sappy love song music playing in my head and everything!” He said. “Then the music was like RRRRRR and I heard the needle scratch. (I tried not to laugh at the analogy because it hurt to laugh). I always screw that stuff up!  This shit always happens to me! I don’t know what it is!”

I just started laughing, “then we are two peas in a pod baby because this is just another day in LoLa-Land as far as I’m concerned. I know nothing I can say will make you feel better, except to say, I knew you were trying to be romantic and I appreciated it and I know you didn’t mean to hurt me and I’m not mad at all”. 

He asked me if I thought I had a concussion and needed to go to the hospital. I knew I did have an concussion  because of the pressure I felt in my head and around my face. I’ve had like four or five concussions in my life, two were self imposed accidents, I know what they feel like. I also know the docs take forever and take a bunch of tests only to tell you what you already know. Then they l tell you to watch out for slurred speech, sleepiness, irritability, tingly fingers, trouble following conversation and dilated pupils. 

I also knew SF is a Fireman and a trained EMT and he would be taking care of me, and That he did! For the rest of our day he would watch the way I moved (which is normal but this time it was out of concern not hornyness). He would listen to my words very closely. If I flinched for any reason he would ask me if I was ok. I wasn’t worried I was bleeding or going to die but I could tell I had a concussion and my head heart inside and outside the rest of the day. I had to ask for silence three or four times because just conversing with him was hurting me. 

I told SF, “I am really moved (not just physically) by your grand romantic attempt at a kiss.” He looked at me suspiciously. “I’d like a do-over next time I see you. Can we just make sure it’s outside or in my livingroom?”

He just looked down at me and said, “anything you want JB!” And gave me one of his amazing kisses. 

Just another crazy date in LoLa-Land


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