I Have A Headache

What the hell is “cognitive rest”?  How should one rest ones brain without being asleep or in a comma? Can one just shut the brain down? I mean I realize we do all the time when we’re bored or watching TV but I don’t get bored and I can’t watch tv. 

“cognitive rest” for a week is the doctors orders to avoid a brain bleed (seriosly! I’m not kidding). I went back to work yesterday (as it was Monday). It was my first active day since I got my concussion. I was fine at first but as the day went on I got worse and worse. My head was pounding, my brain hurt, my neck ached and was losing words and forgetting what I was talking about. It was both very frustrating, as well as scary. I was in more and more pain as the day went on. I also became more and more forgetful. 

Finally I called my doctor after realizing that my self diagnosis of “concussion” and refusal to see the doctor may have been a poor decision. My doctor told me to get my ass to the ER and get a cat-scan.  The ER Doctor evauated me and made me do a bunch of physical tests like touching my nose to her moving finger and decided I was probably not bleeding from the brain or I would show signs of it by now. Her prognoses was “concussion” (told you so!).  But, that I had put to much strain on my brain working and needed “cognitive rest”. 

So, now this broke ass girl is off of work for a week, maybe more!  I can’t work out or do anything strenuous mentally, physically or emotionally. I can’t watch a lot of tv, I can’t game (fricken solitaire hurts), I can’t read, I can’t listen to any loud music or see bright lights.  Hell, even my own laugh hurts my head. Everytime a man speaks to me I want to tell him to “ssshhhh man! You don’t have to talk so loud!”  I can’t even go for a trip because I’m not supposed to drive and I have no money!

What the hell am I supposed to do with myself for an entire week!? The doctors have taken away all my vices (well they did give me some Vicodin, that might help me check out). Just writing this blog has taken me four attempts. Because my head starts to ache and I have to set my computer aside And rest for 20 minutes before I can start typing again. Please tell me? What is an overachieving, non caffeine drinking, wake up at 5am to work out and going all day, kind of girl supposed to do with herself in this situation?  

I fear I may go insane from boredom here in LoLa-Land! 


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