What’s left of my failing brain
Is there anything up there
My memory loss is insane
It all just seems so unfare

Well I go through the rest of my life like this
Well I always get tired so quickly
Will I always be plaqued with such forgetfulness
Gone are the days I speak inherently

Is a headache going to be my reaction for everything
Every time I try to think about something serious
Will I always have one watching TV or when the phone rings 
I get a headache just because I’m furious

When will my own laughter not hurt behind my eyes
When will hearing rap music stop being so painful
My head even hurts worse when I cry
I’ve giving up on myself even trying to remain hopeful

Will my eyesight ever stop being blurry
Where everything I see has a double
Don’t ask me to move in a hurry
Taking things fast only gets me in trouble

Will I always need glasses to protect from the Suns rays
I need ones like Ray Charles wore
Will I always have to sit in a dark room all day
I’m not sure how much more silence I can endure

I can’t go to the bars with my ladies
I can’t take a hike with my peeps
I must have solitude like I have rabies
Because my head hurts just hearing people speak

Should I sell my car now since I can’t drive
Should I sell my home since I can’t work
In this state of being I’m not sure how to thrive
At this point I just feel like I’m going bizerk

I can’t handle going to see a movie
It’s worse then me just getting a headache
The picture and sounds could actually kill me
Because that’s more stimulus then my brain can take

If you come to visit don’t expect to stay a long time
I can’t handle too much conversation
Trying to concentrate is like making this rhyme 
It will take all my…….. 

I can’t remember what I was going to say


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