Have We Learned Anything?

One sunny day a man sat under the only apple tree in the middle of the towns only park.  The man was trying to get a break from the suns hot rays.  The tree was heavy with ripe apples, which  made it able to provide ample shade. The man was quite relaxed when suddenly a bad apple fell off the tree and hit the man square in the head! The man was hurt, but; he shook his head and walked away.  He went to his friend the barber and told him what had happened and the barber made sure he had no lumps on his head.  

The next day some kids were playing under that same lone Apple tree,  big and full with fruit. Wouldn’t you know, another bad apple fell from the tree, landing right on one of the boys head.  Hurt and embarrassed he ran to his mom  crying, with his story of the injury he sustained from the bad apple tree.   

Outraged and concerned for her sons safety the boys mom, told her friend.  The friend then told her husband, the barber about the bad apples. The barber then told everyone he talked to about that bad apple tree and it’s bad apples. It didn’t take long for the town to decide what needed to be done.  That even though it was the last of its kind, the Apple tree was dangerous. 

The towns people were scared of the tree suddenly and fenced it off so that it was isolated from everybody and could no longer injur another soul with its bad apples.  But, just the sight of the tree scared the townspeople; Ultimately, they knew they couldn’t have this evil tree just sitting there in the middle of their only park threatening the mothers and children with its mere presence.  What if the branches grew past the fence line and dropped more dangerous apples? What if there were more bad apples in the bunch?   So, the townspeople  did what they had to and they cut that bad apple tree down. 

Soon all was well in the world again because they had eliminated all of the bad apples! There was no longer a threat of anyone else being hit in the head by falling apples, as there was no more bad apples! No good apples and no bad apples. In fact there were no apples at all. That was the first year the school was not able to donate the 20 handmade apple pies to the homeless or the cider.   It was also the last year that there was grass in their only remaining park.  It died because the sun was so hot. The townspeople didn’t realize it had been the large Apple tree in the middle of it all that had provided their beloved park with shade to keep the grass alive.  
Why do we judge as a society? Why do we believe we have the right purely as human-beings to decide some thing or someone else’s worth?  What makes us judge and jury of the “valuing” of all? What is it that makes us decide someone is a “better person”? Is it because of their money, their physical strengths? Someone could be one of the richest people alive and yet still be a blowhole -ignorant -asshole. Yet some would revear that person based on their net worth. A well respected athlete could be a drug addict and wife abuser and we would still probably wear their jersey. 

Why do we determine ones worth based on such small things? Shouldn’t we value a human for just being? We as a humans need to stop determining the worth of others based on what they believe in or what they look like.  What is it that gives us the right to determine an entire body of humans are evil and should be tortured or killed because of their beliefs, the color of their skin, their sex or sexual preference? NWe are all just human-beings, being human! 

It seems that a broad spectrum belief that one entire group of people is evil because of religion, sex or skin tone is making yourself Judge and jury.  Some believed as humans that Jews were wrong for their non Christian ways.  We believed that Jews were a threat to civilization and their murder, rape and the complete near annihilation was our human response? Because all Jews were wrong? Who decided that? Who was the judge and jury in the court hearing on that trial? Wait was their a fair trial? Hitler and Mussolini could not have controlled the situation as long as they did and be as powerful as they were, without the help of others. It is unfair to blame the tyranny on one. It took a village of fear and ignorance to kill so many. 

Did we have the right to turn African Americans and Native Americans into slaves? Because their skin was a shade or two darker then ours.  Who gave us the right to pack up all the Japanese and place them In camps? Was their a judge and jury on each one of those decisions?  Did they all get a fair trial? Or did we just arbitrarily determine their worth based off the fact that they or their ancestors were from an opposing country? Did anyone bother to find out how brilliant they were,  how honest or how caring?  Did we not first wonder who they were as humans before we took them from their homes? Did we test their knowledge or honesty before we decided they were animals and should be treated as such?

Now what’s to come of the Muslims? Have we been so deaf, dumb and stupid that we have not learned anything from our past?  Have we not figured out that to discriminate  or be fearfull against an entire group of people based on onesmall sector within it, is purely an act of misplaced ignorance?  We can not continue to devalue other humans just for being.  We can not continue to hate and fear entire societies based on the acts of some.

But it starts at home. As scared as you may be from the news and world horrors what does your gut say? Is your Muslim neighbor bad? What about all the friendly conversations and neighborhood barbeques? Are you suddenly looking  at them differently? Why? Have your neighbors even given you cause for concern or fear? Do you now think they are bad apples for some reason? 

Please people stop and think about it before you start to judge.  Don’t hate the entire tree because of a couple of bad apples.  


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