Good Mornings 

I love the mornings even more now. I’ve  always been a morning girl but now I love that my head doesn’t hurt when I first wake up. It’s almost as if all is right again. Like I could just jump out of bed and go work out and there would be no issues of brain pressure, brain bleeds or brain damage. 

I remember feeling this same way a few years back, when I hurt my sciatic. That was some miserable pain and it took me a year to get my body back to normal.  I remember waking up and feeling like I could just jump out of bed and then as soon as I would try to get up, my back was like “NOPE” and would strike such a streak of pain up my body I would just cry. 

Now I feel great for a few minutes after I wake up and then I get a headache within 10 or 20 minutes. My headache is usually with me until I fall back to sleep for a little while. It’s not as bad as the sciatic pain was on my body but its far more scary. I worry I will neve regain full use of all my cognitive abilities again.  I worry that every time I try to focus on anything for to long I will always get a mind numbing headache that will cause me to stop and nap. I worry I will become poverty stricken because I won’t be able to make a living.  

I try to think positive thoughts each day. Thoughts that this is just a temporary deal and that I will not only get full use of my brain back; but, I also try to imagine that some miracle will happen and I will be recouped all of the money I have lost from missing so much work and having to pay so many Dr bills. Then I think positive thoughts about the power of positive thoughts.  

Wish me luck!

It’s just another hopeful day in LoLa- Land


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