This Stories Played Out

At first telling people the true story of how I got my concussion was funny and I love being funny. I mean who can say they got a concussion by having a date slam their head into a wood beam above them, when they were being lifted really high for a great big romantic kiss?  That’s kind of odd right? It takes the cake in my book. But, what I’m tired of, are people’s two regular responses. 

One of the regular response is a physical and a verbal response that Come  together every time. I tell the person the story and they look me up and down (wether it be obvious and slow or quick and just with their eyes) and say, “wow! He must be really strong!”

“Yes. Yes he is” I respond. It’s true he is and I try not to take offense to their comment. But I’m a very logical woman and I skip towards the obvious assumption that after one looks at me they assume a man who can lift me must be strong; there by making the argument that I am a heavy woman, true. (No matter how true the statement may be, it’s still dims a bit of spirit).

Second response to my concussion story, changes a bit each time but always fallows the same theme.  They go something like this, “well this will be a good story for your grandkids” (can’t have kids and he’s not the one if I could but thanks for reminding me what I don’t have). 

Or “at least you have strong arms holding you at night” (I sleep alone most nights but thanks for reminding me I’ve been dealing with this scary fucked up situation alone!) 

Or “sounds like love!” (Really because to me it’s sounded like a big THUD and then just ‘cha Ching – CHA Ching’ as all my income stopped and dr. bills Came in). 

Don’t get me wrong, I know people don’t mean to upset me. Just like SF didn’t mean to hurt me; but, I did get hurt and I am upset. I’ve seen 6 different doctors, 10 nurses and 5 clients. I have had to tell all of them, including my bosses, my family, friends, Facebook and some strangers about what happened because, “How did that happen” is the obvious question after hearing, “I have a concussion”. 

I’m just sort of done over here in LoLa-Land. 


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