The Play-date Date

When my sister called and asked me to escort one of her daughters to the local pottery studio for her friends birthday party because she had something else going on with another kid, ( I swear these mass breeders…) I agreed to help out. I did this to help my sister and also because I secretly love to go to the pottery studio. 

It wasn’t until after we arrived that I discovered my Neice was the only friend invited and that it was just her and her single-divorced dad that were in attendance, besides us. (Now I’m wondering as I write this, “was this a set up? Did my sister mean for us to meet? Did she know”).  The fact that it would just be the four of us was fine with me. I just wanted to paint and my Neice and her friend were already knee deep in conversation and sitting at a two person table.  So, her Friends dad and I sat at a table together and proceeded to get to know one another. 

He is not a beautiful man but he is not ugly. He’s not tall but he’s not really short either. He isin’t obese but he is not skinny. He is by all accounts an ‘Average Looking’ man.  I could see how much he loves his daughter. I could see how much she loves him. They were very sweet with one another, without being creepy. I found out what he does for a living and where he grew up. I found out about his family and his divorce. It was relaxing talking to him and I was just completely at ease.
By the time we parted ways, 3 1/2 hours later, long after the girls had left the studio to devour the nearby book store for lost treasures, he had touched my back or my arm numerous times. Just little glides through doorways or a squeeze for my attention. I found it very interesting he felt so comfortable touching me.  As I was really enjoying myself and not minding his physical ease with me, I was struck by my own comfort levels around him  and the complete urge not to touch him.  

I don’t know why? I’m scared.  I’m actually scared of him. He’s not scary at all. It’s quite the opposite. It’s the fact that there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him, that scares me. The fact that he’s not married, dosent seem to have a girlfriends, doesn’t appear to have any addictions and doesn’t seem to be gay or bi, everything is going  well for him. Yet, I  think it’s been these obstacles that I’ve looked for in men.  That way I can’t ever really fall for them (and isn’t this all very telling?) What possible excuse could I use for this one? 

He’s already asked me out again. 😳 

Just another Playdate to a date in LoLo-Land


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