Bad At 85

When I turn 85 I want to be bad, very, very bad. If I’m still alive and kicking it, I plan on doing all the things I can’t do now. Really, have you thought about it? Your 85! Why not do whatever the hell you want to do?  I’ve been good my entire life and plan on staying this way, so at 85, I’m going to mix it up a bit. 

I plan on starting an amazing drug habit when I’m 85. Crack sounds good right about now. I’d love to say that at 85 I am going to start a crack habit. But, we all know that by the time I’m 85, crack will be whack and there is sure to be some new horriable drug I could start taking.  I could spend what’s left of my life just high as a fucking kite.  

At 85 If I can still have sex and I still want it,  I’m going to be reckless and not use any protection against STD’s.  I’m going to just have sex whenever I want, with whomever I want  and not give a shit ( probably because I’ll be jacked up on the newest coke). I’m going to be a monster whore at 85 and I’m going to love every minute of it.  

I might start stealing at 85! Why not? I’m going to need the extra money to pay for my living expenses, (since my social security I’ve paid into all my life, will be gone).  Not to mention the  expense of my new drug habit. What are they going to do throw you in jail? Big deal! I’ll be 85, I could probably use the free healthcare and three solid meals a day ( that I don’t even have to cook).  

I would say I’m going to start cussing like a truck driver at 85. But, I already do that.  I’m excited for 85. It’s gonna be fun to finally be so bad.  


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