Hissy Fit

I tried to write him a letter today
In my head it was a eloquent portrayal of my views
But as I wrote down everything I had to say
All that appeared on the page were a bunch of “FUCK YOUS!!”

This is not the route I wish to take at this crossroad
If I was driving, flashing the peace sign would normally work
But, the middle finger is the only sign I see on this road
Because he is acting like such a jerk 

I’m trying to take the high road
Being an asshole like him is not what I had planned
But when an adult acts like a 6 year old
It’s hard not to dig your heals in the sand

I don’t know which way to turn
I don’t know how to progress beyond this junction
Does being a prick come naturally or is it learned
I am not sure how he has managed to function

If I can’t write the letter correctly
If we can’t be in the same room
How will we ever handle things directly
And take care of the issues that loom

What if he keeps acting the way he’s been
Stomping his feet and break what he can find
I’m thankful my time with him is coming to an end
Because nothing about him is very kind


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