Sexes and Sex

I had another very interesting date last night.  A man I’ve known for a few years invited me to a party that was a cornbeaf and cabbage cook off.  Now I’m not a big cornbeaf and cabbage fan but hey it was in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and I suffer form FOMO so I said I’d go. It doesn’t hurt that I also really enjoy this man’s company and think he’s beautiful. 

It was an interesting crowd at the party. There was literally every type of person there and everyone was connected by their desire to vote on the best of the festivities foods (or so I thought). There were also ample sampling a of alcohol and smokes for people to choose from. As the night drew on the tone changed to one of a sexual nature and I started to wonder if I had just stepped into some sort of orgy group.  As talks of sex and sexual preferences became the topic of conversation. I was a willing participant of the discussion as usual but I was apparently among a number of sexually charged souls; so, things went beyond even my comfort zone. 

It occurred to me as some of us sat and talked about sex, while  others around us started to act of their desires that I was aware yet again by a glaring difference between men and woman.  You see, I was completely content to enjoy the evening visually only. Then go home with the beautiful man I arrived with and take advantage of him in anyway I saw fit. I didn’t  need to try out any of the other people at the party.  I am always happy with one person that I feel extreamly comfortable with. However, I believe if I were a man it would be a different story. 

I think if you lined 20 men up in a room and told a woman, “you can have sex with all of these men, some of them or just one. They are yours for the choosing”. Most woman I know would slowly choose 1 to 3 men depending on how adventurous she is and that would probably suffice (at least for the evening). However, it seems to me, that men, if given the same option, would tell all the woman to bend over and they would try every last one of them. 

I asked my date on the way home from the party (that we left early from), “did you want to join them in their activity? Are you bummed we left”?

“It could have been interesting to join in but I’m ok leaving” he replied

“There would have been nothing going on between us later if you had” I said “I’m just not into sloppy seconds”. 

He laughed and said, “well, just so you know LoLa I’m fine with being able to just be with you later. But, know that if this ever happens again I would be totally ok with you participating in whatever kinky thing may happen and then still come home and be your sloppy seconds”. 

He laughed and I shuddered at the idea of it. I’m not judging those who can so easily detach their bodies from their hearts. There are times when I wish I could be more like them; but, I’m just not this way. I can’t be intimate with men and not connected to them in some way.  I always get a little attached in to every lover, sometimes for awhile, sometimes for maybe a week.  Maybe this is naivety   who knows; but, I’m not ashamed to admit it. A connection is made on a physical level and I don’t forget. 

But, I wonder is this a sexes thing or is this just the way I feel?  Do any other woman want to weigh in on this? How many men would you chose? How many woman would your man chose? 

Just another sexually infused night in LoLa-Land


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