Can I Do That Mom?

It’s a beautiful day today. I had a hard time going to work. Looking out at the sunshine and all the people enjoying it only makes me miss it more when I’m stuck behind a desk inside. So, I did my best to enjoy it and rode my bike to work and back. 

On my way home I passed a large Hispanic family.  A Mother and her brood of small kids. She had three boys and a very small daughter walking beside her. As I passed through them I heard the young girl say to her mom, “that’s a girl mom?” 

“Yes honey that was a woman riding her bike” the mom answered. 

“Does that mean I can ride a bike too mom” the girl asked her mom. 

I looked back and gave  the cute kid a big wink and didn’t wait to hear the moms reply. But, suddenly I was filled with so much joy. 

Yes!!! Yes young sweet thing. Yes you can ride! You can do whatever you want to do. You can do what ever you set your mind to. I realized I was joyful because just being on my bike showed a young female that she can do it too. 

I remember being in college wondering to myself, “what the hell am I going to do with my life”?  All the Aptitude tests I took told me I should work with children. I should be a teacher or a nurse. But, to me those jobs were what every other woman was doing and had always done. I wanted to be something different. I wanted to be more than what the damn aptitude test figured I was. No offense to teachers or nurses. I feel both of those careers are highly rewarding and very important but I wanted something else. 

Then one day one of my favorite professors, a Native American, lesbian in her 50’s told us her story. About how she was told she couldn’t do anything but be a mother and stay on the land to raise her Native American kids. Instead she joined the army. Then studied psychology and was called on to help a soilder the army thought was Schizophrenic.  She diagnosed him as psychic. And then the fight between what doctors feel is psychotic behavior due to talking to invisible beings vs the native Americans belief that their spirit quides will lead them to what they need to do, began. 

She discussed her struggles with the knowledge she learned from the white community vs the raising she received as a native amarican and the differences in those two beliefs, and how the effect the mentally diagnosed. She decided it was her calling to be a voice for the other native amaricans who may be stuck in the white man’s psychological system.  

I sat and listened to her amazing story and I thought to myself, ” if she can do it so can I”!  Knowing I had far less chalenges to face.  Yet, here she was, living proof that I could do whatever I wanted to do!  She was an inspiration to me. She was a visual reminder that just because I was a female meant nothing negative. That I could accomplish what ever I wanted to in my life. It was then I knew what I wanted to do and I got my degree in that field, with honors. 

I’m appreciative of woman like this professor of mine for paving the way for me and my nieces. I am also appreciative of my mother (not my very rich father) that paid for my entrie education (a part from what my scholarships paid).  I am Thankful that she didn’t listen to her mom and just stay in the kitchen to care for us brats. 

I hope to continue to be an inspiration to other woman and young girls. Even if it is only for something small like riding my bike. Because even the smallest actions can bring about big changes. 

Just another wonderful day in LoLa-Land 


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