You let me walk out the door and walk away
As you screamed at me for wanting to leave
You shouted at me that you were mad I didn’t stay
Yet you did nothing really to stop me

You’ve made no effort to change the situation
The way things are now is still exactly as they were
you acted like this change would effect our relation
And yet I find it so much easier to endure

It’s easy because I knew you wouldn’t fight for me
I figured out long ago your words were never true
All those times you said we’d be friends for eternity
Yet walking away from us was the first thing you do

You made it seem like I was the one who gave up
Because I no longer wanted to wait around for you
All I ever wanted was my friend to show up
And not feel like it was a favor I was asking you to do

You yelled that you had done so much to keep my friendship
That you had tried so hard to keep me in your life
To me it’s easy you say “we will always have a relationship”
You didn’t defend us so you could avoid having strife

But you never just laid it out to her
“she’s my friend and nothing will get in our way”
Instead you ignored me to appease her
And that’s a game I am not willing to play

I’m not surprised this new reality is so old it’s no longer new
I knew you would make no attempt to change the silence
Don’t ever think for a second it was me who gave up on you
You were to scared of your girlfriend to ever fight for us

I will never see it any other way but this
No matter how much you defend your plight
The fact that our friendship is one We miss
Is because you didn’t care enough about me to fight

That is how I will always see you
The man of empty promises who lied
I thought with all we had been through
That our souls would aways be combined


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