My Vent Session

I was completely fed up with the bullshit at work. My boss and his tangents were on my very last nerve and I only had one left, so I decided to take a lunch for a change. Grabbing my purse in a rush I swiped my time card and flew out the door. Saying, “going to lunch” as I was already half way out the door. I wasn’t hungry at all, I was far to irritated and it was far to early. So, I just started walking not really paying attention to where I was going, I just knew I needed to get the hell out of work.

It didn’t take me long before I realized I was heading up his street. I saw his car out front and knew he was probably home and possibly even sleeping. I wondered if it was to early to disturb him? I didn’t know him that well. We had a few dates and I had a good time with him but he was not a person I would call when I needed someone to talk to. 

But, right now I just needed to vent! I needed to scream out what was bothering me and just have someone nod their head and listen. I stifled my worry of waking him and quickly walked up to his door. Before I could stop myself, I gave the door a hardy knock just in case he was in the back of the house. Then I steadied myself trying to quickly come up with a reason besides, “I’m pissed off as fuck”, as an excuse for my intrusion.

It didn’t take long for him to open the door. He looked like he was just getting up. His hair still a mess from his pillow. He still had sleepers in the corners of his eyes. His home behind him was quiet and that was about all I could comprehend. Besides the fact that he stood before me only wearing his white boxer briefs that snugged to every part of his large bulge. His hairless naked chest starred me in the face, suddenly reminding me that I hadn’t had sex in a few weeks. I found myself speechless suddenly as all I could think about was the rippling muscles in his shoulders as he moved the front door open wider to let me in.

I didn’t say a word, because I was suddenly rendered speechless. My anger was gone and I really couldn’t remember what I was angry about. All I could think about suddenly was the fact that I had no underwear on under my short skirt and I worried the moistness in my vagina was going to be soon dripping down my leg and he would know how horny I was. I shook a bit as I placed my purse on his coffee table because I knew I needed to turn around and say something to him. I could feel his eyes on me as I turned and I felt my skin flush red with heat as both my fear and my eroticism burned me up from the inside out. 

I was just about to excuse my interruption when he took two long strides towards me and pulled me into his strong arms. He planted his lips firmly on mine as he pushed me a step back and suddenly had me against the wall. For a second I couldn’t breath. I was literally breathless from his kiss. His tongue probed the inside of my mouth with a vengeance and I willingly accepted it.
My neck suddenly became his mouths wonderland. His right hand was actively seeking more of my skin as his left hand had a firm grip of my long hair and was using that hold, along with his weight to keep me forced up against his wall. All I could do was kiss him back. I had to touch him! I had to have him. I wasn’t freaked out by his aggression, just completely turned on. I urgently stroked his head trying to grip the short hairs on the back of his neck. Licking his neck and groping for his nipples. I wished I was naked so bad.  I wanted to feel his skin against mine. I wanted to feel the heat of his body. I pulled at the elastic of his briefs so I could reach inside them and grab his ass. Thrusting his hard cock against me. Instantly, little goose bumps formed on my arms and my nipples became even more erect under my clothes. I could tell he was just as excited as I was.

I couldn’t wait another minute. Both of us were breathing quickly and our hands were moving even faster, somehow I got his waste band over his large cock without scratching him, just as he was discovering my missing underwear. His fingers quickly found out just how wet I was. That’s when he made the first sound either of us had let out, as he moaned when he made his discovery. He had his fingers in me, thrusting them back and forth quickly. This went on for only about a minute before he had enough and was able to lift me just enough to slide into me. I screamed at his sudden move, which quickly turned into a welcoming moan of my own.

His dick felt so good in me. And As his thrusts lifted me up off my feet and higher up the wall and back down again, I let a little more of my frustrations go. I hadn’t realized what a void I was feeling before his dick filled it. Still holding me up with my hair, his mouth had some how pulled my right breast out of the confines of my bra and he was biting my nipple. His dick was pounding into my G-spot and all I could do was keep a firm grip on his beautiful ass. I only needed a few minutes of his delicious fucking before I was cumming. I could barley stand anymore from the chills and vibrations that were ricocheting across my body, my vagina did it’s normal squeezing act as my muscles on the inside all started twitching. 

The squeezing must have been the last straw for him because he quickly shuddered and moaned. I felt him start to weaken his grip as he let go of my hair. We both just slid to the ground in a exhausted heap. Both of us grasping for our breaths and trying to bring our heart rates back down to normal. 

After a few minutes I stood up, Straightened up my clothes and put my boob back in its bra cup. He just looked up at me from the floor with a sheepish grin on his face. It was then that we finally spoke to one another. 

“Did you need something?” He asked with a slight giddy and antagonizing sound to his voice.

I cleared my throat and said, “I just needed to vent”. 

“Are you feeling better now?” He asked me.

With that I gave him my little smile, knelt down and gave him a kiss, “I feel just fine now, thank you for having me”. With a wink I spun around, grabbed my purse and left.

“Come back anytime.” I heard him yell from the doorway as I quickly headed back down his street back to work.
“How was your lunch?” My co-worked asked me when I got back to work.
“Oh you know, same shit different day.” I replied. I then sat and giggled to myself and thought, “I wish all my lunches could be like that!”


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