Easter Bunny

Even though I have no boyfriend and for a year now I’ve had no one to get that special gift for on Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Which has actually been pretty nice because I’ve saved a fortune. I tend to go overboard sometimes with my plans and gifts for those special days. 

My mom says to me, “LoLa you do all these extravagant things for your men and then you expect the same in return and end up disappointed. No one could ever meet up to your expectations because your so over the top.”   I listened to her and I’ve been trying to keep things in perspective. 

So, here it is Easter and this year I want to do something special for Sesy Fireman. He told me once he hasn’t been given a birthday gift for years, which I think, is just sad.  I am sure it’s been even longer since he got an Easter Basket of goodies.  I didn’t go over board on what I put in it. Just the typical Easter treats and some items specific to just him.

He’s making me dinner tomorrow so I’m actually going to hide it and make him look for it.  I just know how excited he got when he handed me the wad of cash after my injury. I am sure it will be much of the same when he realizes it is like it was when he was a Kid and there is a basket of treats waiting for him somewhere. That’s the part I’m most excited about, watching his  glee. 

Sexy fireman has been feeling so guilty lately because he gave me a concussion. He hit my head on a beam and now every time he sees the beam he gets upset because there is an obvious dent. I think if it weren’t a load baring beam he would have replaced it. I could care less. I’m over the entire ordeal.  But I was awestruck he gave me such a generous gift and took care of the situation the best he could.  A lot of men, I’m sorry to say,  woukd have cut and run and left me to figure it  all out on my own.

I want to do something nice for him because of his generosity and responsible actions. He deserves something sweet done for him and I am just giddy thinking about his response. I know that even if he hates all the candy he will still love the thought.  Yet another reason I’ve kept this man around. 

I hope you all get a chance to bring some joy to someone today. 



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