Still Bruised

The other night I had a girls night out.  Now if your not familiar with a girls night out and what that means I will tell you. For my girls and I, it is getting together to do something while we consume large portions of alcohol and really rich Food. On this particular evening, five of us were meeting downtown for foot massages and  then An Italian dinner. 

Now interestingly enough even though it is called a “foot” massage, they pretty much rub every single part of your body (except the private region).  You are also fully dressed and in a room with a bunch of people that you may or may not know. I find the entire thing very odd and random however  I am always down for a massage. So, I willingly go every few weeks and boy do I feel good afterwards. 

This last time, with the ladies, I got a female masseuse. I find when you tell a woman she can go hard, she will beat the shit out of you. If you tell a male masseuse to go hard he still keeps his aggressions in check and doesn’t seem to hurt me nearly as much as the woman do. So, This  female masseuse was working on my neck pretty good and she suddenly starts to firmly rub her knuckles all around my head. 

I had pretty much forgotten about the concussion, that is until she rubbed the area I got hit at.  All the relaxation she had just bestowed on me was gone and I wanted to slide down the chair onto the floor and as far from her as I could. I instantly shrunk down and motioned to her to stop. She kept going. So, this time I said, “no ouch”! (All the masseuses are from Thailand and don’t speak English).  She seemed to understand “no”! 

Since then I’ve had the pressure feeling I had when I was concussed. It feels like my brain is swelling again but I’m hoping that’s me just freaking out and really it’s just she rubbed my bruise and so now it hurts again. I guess I’m not as hard headed as I thought I was?

Just another lesson learned in LoLa-land


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