Not Rushing In 

It’s never a good sign when you can’t wait for a date To be over.  Once again i am faced with a potential mate who wants a commitment from me right off the back.  Even though I have said I am fully open to love and being in a relationship BUT I need to know it’s the right thing before I just jump in.  I’m not in high school anymore. I’m not looking for a man to provide that fairy tale ending for me. I don’t need a man to “Complete me”.  I just need a man to bring more joy into my life. Why is it so hard to just date and get to know someone better for awhile before You decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend. 

I told this man on our first date (this was our fourth), that I was not looking for love; yet, I  was by no means opposed to it. Why do those feelings of love or commitment have to be determined by date 4?  Am I the one being silly here? Should I know immediately that, “yes! This man is my soul mate”? 

Does it ever work like that? I don’t know? I hope I didn’t just say ok to someone walking away, only to find out he was “the one”. Of course he never gave me chance enough to find out before he was laying down ultimatums and demanding a commitment from me.  I just don’t roll like that, not right out of the gate.  And all demands do is make me open the door for the person.  Not to my heart but rather to say,”doors right there and even open for you, you can leave anytime”. 

Just another frustrating night in LoLa-Land 


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