Diet To The Death

I think the work out routine that was given to me to do today was actually meant to kill me!  I’m not kidding! I think these work out people who make videos and start these diet plans actually want someone to drop dead so they can get the publicity.  They say they’re just trying to help you focus on healthy eating and getting you back in shape. I say, “it’s all BULLSHIT”!  Again, I think it’s all a ploy.

Now, I want to make sure your prepared for what I suspect is going on. Their underhandedness will soon be exposed. I think (because I have no proof and really I am full of shit! But, it’s how I feel, so work with me), that these so called “diet plans” introduce four key ingrediants into your life to just to destroy you. All desecration to oneself will be done by you and it will be done right before your eyes just cloaked under the disguise of “support”.

step 1 -” lets see how long it would take to starve the fatties”. This is their first action. They wil proceed to give you little colored boxes that you couldn’t hold your keys in, and say, “eat only the food that fits in these”!  Or they give you premade food in really, really small serving sizes. “But don’t worry!” They say, “if you feel hungry you can always have more veggies!” (Awww fuck off with your veggies. What little colored box does my wine go in?)

Step 2- “if we poison them, it will help kill them faster” They will tell you that you need to buy their premade foods where they have done all the work for you. Or they demand that you have to have their speciallty blended shakes to make sure you get all your nutrients for you.  (That’s what they say! ). What they aren’t saying is “we watched sixth sense a lot and we have put chemicals in your soup!”  I bet if you stopped eating their tainted products for one day and ate what you wanted, you would feel so much better. (Because your old food choices are tasty and chalked full of yummy fats and preservatives.)

Step 3- “We will set them up with a drill sergeant”.  They will be nice and call them coaches or trainers but what they really are, are highly trained professionals that know how to get the results they need from you by using Jedi mind tricks on you.  They’re evil wrapped in a perfect physics of ripped muscles and high fiber. Made  to look beautiful so that they can allure you in with hopes of some how achieving the same mastery in your appearance. Which will likely never happen because they are using the “dark side” (and plastic surgery), but you will kill yourselves trying!

Step 4- “Let’s  take all of their Money and run”.  I think the diet industries ploy is to kill you off so that they can take all your money? How long would it take after you have died for these diet plans to stop charging your credit card or directly pulling your monthly dues straight from your bank account? It’s because they really don’t want you to survive. It’s a lot harder to cancel your membership when you are dead! I’m sure they require a cancellation letter, in triplicate, signed by your second grade teacher to get out of the contract and by then not only will you be dead but broke and dead.

It’s just a friendly note to remind you all to stay safe! Don’t fall for the diet regime your better off just being fat!


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