I love to play spider solitaire or regular solitaire.  I don’t think I’m very good because I always “cheat”.  At least people say I cheat,  because I will keep going through the deck until there is just no more moves. Some people say, when playing  proper solitaire you can only go through the extra deck once.  I say “screw that! It’s a game I’m playing against myself! I’m going to have fun. And winning is fun”. I’m not what people would call a gamer, I just love solitaire. 

I don’t know about any of you but when I am playing card games on the computer, and I click a card to flip it over, I always secretly imagine that there’s a little man doing it. A little man like a “Mr Vanna” is waiting for me inside my computer for me to make my choices and then implementing the change. 

I can hear a little male voice in my head when I’m taking awhile to decide my next move saying, “Jesus woman it’s not rocket science just pick a fricken card!” Or “maybe she’s dead ? what are you doing? Make a play!”  He’s a very irritable and inpatient little computer man I tell you. He can really be quite abusive to me.  He’s always got some feedback about my choices and they never seem to be very kind. 

Sometimes when I make a really  stupid mistake or a move that even makes me wonder “what the hell was I thinking”, I swear I can hear him being just as abusive. But I hear him first, as soon as I touch the card.  As he’s turning it over for me he’s already saying, “wow you really must be special”or “what kind of move was that? A monkey could have picked a more sensible card”. 

Is this just me? Does anyone else have any really weird ideas of what happens inside a computer? Am I the only one that has a mean little dude turning cards for them? How many dudes are stuck working in there anyway?  

Just another questioning moment in LoLa-Land 


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