Friday Night Funk

I don’t know what it is but lately come Friday night I am just beat. I haven’t scheduled a date on that night in a really long time because I’m not in the mood to become ” date worthy”.  

I don’t want to rush home. So that I can quickly shower, find something attractive to wear, fix my hair and face then put on  heals. I have no energy to Then go out to a dinner and movie or activity until 11pm at night. It’s just more then I have the will for on Friday nights.  

Lately, (and I don’t know if it’s this new regimen I’m on) I just want to hang out with friends or my “maintenance man” at my house or theirs and be chill. I want to get something to eat and either bring it home or go home directly afterwards. What I really want to do is throw off my shoes, rip off my bra, jump into my PJ’s, grab a glass of red wine and watch some TV with a lover (in a perfect world he would be rubbing my feet), because I’m just so damned tired.  

Maybe I’m just getting older? Maybe I’m working myself to hard? Maybe I’m just adjusting  to not having bread in my life? Maybe it’s all three? All I know is, that for a while now since I’ve been single, I don’t dread being home alone on a Friday night (even though I prefer to be with friends).  I don’t feel like there’s a bunch of great things going on that I need to be a part of.   I don’t have FOMO and feel like I’m missing out.  I’m grateful for the secure roof, warm home, cable, full fridge, Internet and my ability to enjoy it all. 

Hope you all had a relaxing Friday night. 


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