I Give You Permission

Recently while on a date with a man I’ve gone out with maybe a half a dozen times or so, the topic of conversation became our seeing other people.  

“I don’t see other people” he told me. 

“Well I told you from the get go, that I do. I hope you understand that I’m staying like this until I know I’ve met Mr right” was my reply. 

Looking at me suspcisously he says to me, “ok I will give you permission to see other men until I sweep you off your feet” he said and kept going, ” but you can not fuck them and you have to tell me everything about the date when you get home” he said laying out his parameters to me. 

Permission? You give me permission? Hold up. Did I not just say I’m single? I don’t believe there is a single soul I need to answer to in this situation, permission? Then I thought to myself,  even if I was in a relationship if something came up and he said to me “ok I give you permission …..” (To do whatever) I would probably move out.  Permission? ( I’ve been down this road before with mates. I don’t want to play this game again).

We all have a mind of our own and a will of our own right? Shan’t we use it on our own? I would expect a lover or boyfriend to tell me what greviances he may have about something I’m doing So we could discuss it. I am always willing to compromise in any relationship but not to the extent where I have no voice of my own. 

I refuse to be in a relationship where I feel like I have to answer to someone else.  Or fall in line with some rules that someone else has bestowed on me. I know this works for some people. Hell, my ex has his balls in one of the biggest “girlfriend vices”, I’ve ever seen. And he can never seem to get any time to himself at all. Yet, I don’t feel sorry for him because he allowed her to control him and I imagine still does. It’s almost like being parented by your lover when they say they, “give you permission” to do something.

I think this type parenting is a turn on to some people. I think some are just lost and don’t know who they are or how they fit in and they need someone to spoon them the answers so that they have something to hold on to wether it’s theirs or not. (Almost reminds me of some religious fanatics)  It’s sad really because I would imagine that at some point these people who allow to be parented by their lover, will wake up and realize one day, that everything in their world is something their significant other wanted and everything they do is what their lover wanted to do. All of their friend are their lovers friends.  And they don’t like any of it. Because none of it is about them or for them. And then what? 

What will the parent due if the lover becomes disobedient? 


Oh well. That’s what my date did after I told him what I felt about his permission. 


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