Men Get Strung Out On Love To

We are all so quick to blame the woman for being pathetic or emotional when it comes to being in love and or ” like” with someone and the guy dosent feel  the same way. You know the situation? When some chick is really digging a dude and he’s just not that into her.  He ends up walking away (or never walking in) and she is just devestated.  She had wrapped all of her hopes up in what could have been their future life. I know women do this because I have done it myself a few times.  
But, men get strung out on love to. When they are really digging someone it seems they can get just as devastated and pathetic as woman do.  Recently I’ve come Accross a lot of this type of man. The ones who feel way more affection for me then I do for them. (Who knows maybe it was all a ploy to get me in their beds; either way it didn’t work). One guy was calling me his girl and I was thining to myself, “we’ve been on three dates.  I have some friends I’ve been dating for over a year, they don’t assume I’m their girl”.  

Then there was the guy who wanted me to stop dating other people and just be his after our second date.  I still felt like I barely knew him. So, deciding to be in a committed relationship with a stranger felt like insanity to me.  

Now this week we have a man who started flirting with me on Facebook. We went to school together and he graduated the year before me. His Highschool pictures were horrible but his pictures now seemed good.  But, as I spoke to him, the more became aware of more things that simply didn’t work for me. He lives in hour away. He doesn’t drive. He doesn’t work and he drinks a lot. All of those aspects are huge negatives and probably just having 1 or 2 of these would be a deal breaker for me. But four negatives;no way!!!

So I politely canceled our upcoming date with over a weeks notice. Because sadly I  have no interest in meeting him now given what I know of him. But, he took it very hard.  Said I was playing him and that I hurt him.  I said, “we have never met.  We have talked on the phone one time. And have only been texting for four days. What exactly did i do that has you feeling played and so hurt?”

“I just wish you would give me a chance.” He replied “I really like you and your beautiful. I thought we would really click”.  

All I kept thinking was, “how has he become so bonded with me in such a short period of time. It creeps me out a bit. It reminds me of two days prior when he said something about me being “his woman” and i quickly reminded him I was not. 

I don’t think getting strung out on the idea of love is a single sex emotion. I’m sure it’s not even just a human emotion. I guess It is just new to me to experience  men having this reaction.  Not that I think less of men for it, rather I think more of woman; because now I see  it’s just a natural response.

Just another single Woman curiosity in LoLa-Land 


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  1. sneezypb
    Apr 22, 2016 @ 11:22:12

    Guys do it too. At least, I have had female friends run into, I’ve done it, and have suspected guy friends of doing it.

    Asymmetrical feeling development probably is rather common. People are going to have different levels of initial attraction. One factor likely depends on where they rank themselves and where they rank their partner. If the partner is significantly higher, then moving faster and likely getting strung out is probably the result.

    Me? I feel that heels-over-head thing and get terrified. In part because I’m sure the likely result is to get strung out.


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