Real Deal

I’m writing this down before I forget
Forget to tell you just how I feel
Yours is a love I will never regret
To me it is the only “real deal”

I am thankful everyday for your wonderful face
I see you in my dreams at night
Changing the visions to beauty and grace
Turning the landscape from dreary to bright

I think of you when first I wake
Hoping to see your bright blues soon
I know with you I don’t need to be fake
You will love me know matter what I do

I feel your heart when you’re not with me
I feel it surround me in sunshine
I know that you may not say much but you see
You notice the things people leave behind

You care more for others than you do yourself
As You strive for your own greatness
You worry about everything and everyone else
As you scatter about life in great lateness

You’re a light Hearted soul
who’s been around awhile
You care more then you know
you bring joy with just your smile

I feel blessed each day I get to love you 
My life has been more rewarding with you in it
Making you happy is all I want to do
Your soul’s a blessing and I’m thankful to know it


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