Is It Hot In Nordstroms?

One of my friends Is going through “the change” and since she is one of my best friends she is being nothing but completely candid with me about her symptoms or what she thinks about her symptoms. She even tells me what she thinks about menopause, anyone who doubts the changes that it takes on a woman or anyone who just looks at her wrong. I’m telling you… It ain’t all that pretty.

I am four years younger then her and though I’ve been in “early menopause” for about a year now I am not struggling with even a quarter as much as she is with regards to menopausal challenges. I feel so sorry for her and So scared for myself at the same time. Is this my future that I get to look forward to?  Waking up three to four times a night completely drenched in sweat?  Having to change my clothes and sheets and still sleep on the other side of the bed because the mattress is wet too? Shall we need to bring on the rubber sheets again?  I remember how loud those were to lay on as a child; I can’t imagine what they must sound like to an aging adult? 

My friend said to me one day as she was ready to blow her head off for no real good reason, “menopause is like being pregnant, having your period and PMS all at the same time”!   

I just looked at her horrified at the thought  I’m thinking to myself (well someone just kill me now!) she goes on, “you bleed two weeks out of the month.  So you’re going through PMS every two weeks. You get like one good week. Then you have the night sweats and achy body like your pregnant and irritability like noones business and bloating. Trust me LoLa it sucks!  One day I got a hot flash and I felt like my eyes were burning from the Inside and they were going to pop right out of my head!  I’m worried about summer. If it’s hot and I have a hot flash I may just blow up from the inside out”. 

She was all fired up so she just kept going some more. 

” I mean I was hot in Nordstroms! Nordstroms! Is it hot in Nordstroms?” She asks us. 

I was just cracking up.  I felt so bad for her but she was killing me with her rant. I loved listening to her because it made her feel good to let it out and talk about it and the venting was even making her laugh. So again She says, “Do you think  Nordstoms is hot”? 

“No! No it’s usually cold in there to me” I respond.  She’s right it is cold in Nordstroms but she was so hot she had to leave for fear she may burst into flames. 

I don’t know what to do to help her besides just being there for her and always listening to her. I hope that when my turn comes she will be as she is now to me, like my big sister at times, and help guide me threw this rocky hormone induced Body Snatcher we call Menopause. 

It’s just another hormone infested day in LoLa-Land


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