Vagina Vagina Vagina

I laughed so hard tonight during dinner. I went and hung out with my nieces because my sister and her husband had “a thing”, which was just fine with me. I love my nieces with all my heart and hanging with them makes me feel young again. 

So, the three of us are sitting at their table and the oldest starts talking about how she loves to dance but how it  really sucks when she has her period because you can see the pad from behind when she bends over. As my Neice went on in great detail about her pad woes, even getting up to show us how you can see it by bending over next to me at the table; my yongest Neice who is just now “blossoming” was slowly shrinking into her coat and under the table. 

It’s kind of obvious to everyone in the family that she is very uncomfortable  in her skin right now. she doesn’t like what’s happening to her body and wants to stay a kid (I kind of don’t blame her). I could tell she clearly wanted her sister to shut up and usually she tells people to change the subject whenever sex, bodily functions, body parts, blood or spiders comes up in conversation; but this time, she said nothing.  My oldest Neice just kept going (no doubt because she knows it drives her little sister crazy) about how her boobs were sore and her vagina aches. 

I looked at the blossoming girl and I said, “I’m really shocked you haven’t said anything? Usually by now you’re telling everyone to change the subject or to shut up, what’s up? You feeling ok?”

“It’s just implied at this point” was her response. (Did I mention she’s 12 and brilliant). 

I turned back to my oldest Neice and said, “my vagina feels like I got kicked really hard when I’m on my period”. When I looked back at my young Neice she had a very irritated disciplining look on her face.

“Look I know you expected me to squash this discussion because you’re embarrassed by it” I confided in her, “but what’s happening to you happened to everyone and you have no reason to be embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with Talking about vaginas and penis, menstruation or dare I  say masturbation”.   

“What’s that”? She interupts and all I could think was, my sisters going to kill me!

“Well skip that one for now” I said just knowing the answer would clean that one right up (haha not) “but talking about these things in family with just woman is not a bad thing. You don’t have to feel embarrassed. Open up talk about how you’re doing!”

“Uh yeah no. Thanks anyway” she quickly said.

The older Neice chimes in with her very supporting and loving big sister guidance once again, “look I’m going to get you an alarm clock that every time it goes off its going to say, VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA!!”  

I was dying, I asked, “what if we set her iPhone ring to say VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA”? 

At this point my yongest Neice was pounding her hand against her head asking “why !! why!!”  I don’t think she really wanted to know why we wanted “Vagina” to be her alarm setting.  I think she was wondering “why” she was a part of this family.  

Just another comical night with the girls in LoLa-Land


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