Saying NO

Lately a lot of my friends have been faced with the inability to provide all of their kids hopes and dreams. And though I agree with the philosophy that we spoil this generation of kids by always saying yes to all their wants. Always having trophies and party gift bags for everyone whether  they  won or not gives them the feeling of entitlement. Or by  being overly sensitive to bullying and mental abuse that we tend to coddle our children. Now we seem to have a number of young  adults who simply can not handle the “real world”.   Are we creating a world of pussies?  Will the workforce just shut down because no one is prepared for ridicule or criticism (which we get all too often in the workplace.) 

I don’t want to see a world where everyone is so scared to say or do anything for fear they might hurt someone that they don’t say anything at all ever. Which I feel would only cause more lonliness in this world.  I imagine socially the world  would be harmonious unless your upset about something and then it would be quite binding emotionally. 

But, when the idea of saying no to your child with regards to something that could potentially change the course of their lives in a good way, for parents it can feel very handicapping. They want to provide everything for their children (and yes some parents give to much) but for those who simply can’t because of financial restraints is almost devestating. 

What it must be like for these parent to hear things like, “your son is brilliant he can have his pick of colleges. But no, we’re sorry, he simply doesn’t qualify for any scholarships”. 


“She has a talent that she was born with. If she could get a trainer to work with her a bit more and keep her focused, she could be on Broadway. She’s that good!  She just needs proper training”.  

How much is a trainer? 

“Only $150 an hour and she would need 3 hours a week at least.”

I guess it’s all part of life.  Not only for the kids but the parents as well.  A lesson in not being able to have everything you may want for the kids or having to work to get it themselves. For the parents, a lesson in humility because they suddenly can’t provide for a perfectly good need that their child has. 


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