Freckle Mustache 

So recently I’ve been bothered by what looks like a mustache growing on my face. Now, I get that I’m aging and all. And I get that things are rapidly deteriorating and changing; so, I’ve grown accustomed to finding differences and irregularities with regards to my body. 

For example you have the usually discussed falling hearing. I find myself saying “what” all the time.  I’ve got four pairs of glasses I  carry around in my purse and I need them all to see for different reasons. There are oh so many aging physical aliments. Like when I walk down the stairs in the morning and it sounds like one trying to beatbox, my bones are creaking so bad.  All of this and I am only 42. 

There’s another element of aging, especially for woman, that I never heard about before it started happening to me. And that’s what I loving refer to as “the Hormone Syrge”. I will feel a weird hormone thrust hit me and the next day I look down at what was a hairless stomach and I have a inch long gray hair coming out of my tummy. Or God help me, I have even found them on my boobs! 

So, I’m getting ready in the morning a couple weeks ago and I was struck by what looked like a brown mustache on my face. Now, I’ve been lucky enough to be covered in a very light layer of blonde body hair. So, I’ve never had to worry about plucking my face or having thick arm or leg hair.  Why am I suddenly growing a brown mustache? But, it didn’t surprise me because nothing does anymore. 

I dealt with this for awhile internally. Wondering what my next move should be?  Do I bleach the mustache? Do I have it waxed?  I am still amazed at how old I am and still don’t know how to maintain society approved beauty.  I have friends who have been dying and plucking their hair since they were in Highschool. I have never needed to bother or maybe I just didn’t care. 

This afternoon I saw the mustache again and was dismayed at how dark it seemed.I grabbed some trimming scissors and got really close to the mirror (because that’s the only way I can see my face) in my well lit bathroom; and, started trimming my mustache.  But, as I trimmed I realized it was barely there and the hair was as it’s always been, light blonde. 

That’s when I looked beyond the light hairs and saw the dark splotches! Damn sun! I used to have them everywhere but now it seems my upper lip is just covered in freckles. Causing my face to appear to have a brown mustache. Oh joy! There is nothing I can do about this one apart from staying out of the sun. 

Just another freckled day in LoLa-Land


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