No Contact

I consider you my friend
Which is why I reach out to you
But every time I push send
I’m not sure the message gets through

I will text you and I will call
Then wait to hear back
I waste my time for nothing at all
Responding is a skill you lack

Days go by without a word from you
With Not even a response to a question
Sometimes I’m not sure what to do
I wonder, “what’s his malfunction”

Am I the only person you’re this rude too
Why don’t you respond when I reach out
Do my feelings not matter at all to you
You make me want to walk away or shout

It hurts my feelings that I’m not worthy
Deserving enough for your quick reply
You can’t always be in such a hurry
That you have no time to be a good guy

I feel like I’m not important to you at all
When you ignore my texts
Or when you don’t pick up my calls
I feel I deserve your respect

How many times should I just ignore this feeling
A feeling like I’m just an after thought to you
I doubt you could give a shit how I’m doing
I may die waiting for your response to come through


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