In typical LoLa Fashon I got hurt again.  However, this time I was all alone and no date was involved. I was walking towards  the liquor store to get some wine for the upcoming cinco de mayo dinner party I was going to. When I cut the corner of the sidewalk And sort of through (without stepping on any plants) a dirt and plant area.  I expected my leg to be brushed by a leaf and nothing more. 

What I didn’t see was the little cement curb that surrounded the dirt and  plant area (essentially turning it into a box rather than just a bushy area) Unfortunately for me I had on flip flop type open toed shoes on and my toes Slammed into the cement curb.  I tripped and almost fell but I was able to over compensate on my other side and retain my balance.  

But, I was in so much pain. I actually made a whyning sound as I was correcting my trip and cussed. I then hobbled into the liquor store where a line of men stood before me. As I waited I was over taken with pain.  My entire right foot was throbbing. I could feel my heart beat all down the bottom of my foot and yet I just felt burning and heat from my toes. I leaned on the sales counter that stretched the length of the line and practiced what I call “Lamaze breathing”.  At one point I looked down at my aching foot and saw just the smallest line of blood on the tip of my center toe and thought to myself “figures I cut myself”. 

I can’t imagine what the man in front of me in line thought when he heard me breathing deeply and moaning behind him.  He must have figured I was special or that I was really pissed  I  had to wait in line.  He didn’t once look back at me all the way but he kept turning slightly.  

Once I was next in line I looked down at my foot once again and to my absolute horror I discovered I was hemorrhaging all over the store. There was blood pooling on the inside of my flip-flops there was blood all over my toes, on the top and the bottom of them. There was also a trail of blood behind me from where I had been standing. 

I finally got to the front of line, calmly set my purse down on the counter and said, “can you get me some papertowels? I’m sort of hemroging all over your store”. Shocked the middle eastern man came out from behind the counter and said to me, “you have too much blood in you”! I was so confused by that comment but thought it was hysterical at the same time and tried to not cry through my laughter.  

“Apparently” I replied. 

I took my foot out of its now Crimson cage and wrapped the towel around my bloody toes and wiped up the blood on the floor and in my shoe. I then paid for my wine and tried to put my foot back in the shoe but my foot was all sticky from the drying blood. I couldn’t really walk with the paper towel wrapped around my foot but I at least was able to leave the store without leaving anymore of my DNA behind. 

By the time I got home my flip flop was completely stuck to the bottom of my foot from the dried blood. I quickly hosed both my foot and shoe off outside and then went in to  the house to assertaine what happened to me.  

It appears that most of the bleeding was caused at the nail bed. It looks like the nail on my center toe was jammed further down into the nailbed and that’s why I was bleeding so bad. I took off some skin off the tips of three of my toes but those either never bled or stopped already. 

I did what any self respecting 42 year old klutz would do at that point. I cleaned off the new blood that had spilled out of me since hosing myself off. I put a bandaid on and went to my dinner party. I later discover that I had bled trough the bandaid and onto my brand new flip flops but it is still going down as a messy but small injury in the history of LoLa-injuries.   

Just another self abuse day in LoLa-Land


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